Red Bulls Energy Drink: Good or Bad?

Red Bulls energy drink (also known as the brand of Red Bulls) is always used by many people as a drink to supplement energy and increase alertness. Many people think energy drinks are bad for health.

So, red bulls energy drink is bad for you?. Should Red Bulls energy drink be continued to use?

Good, it is because Red Bulls energy drink contains plenty of essential nutrients to help replenishing energy and maintaining alertness.

According to the nutritional ingredients provided by Red Bulls, caffeine is a key ingredient included in each energy drink of this brand. Each 250ml Red Bulls energy drink can contain 80mg of caffeine (*), equivalent to caffeine contained in a cup of coffee. Contrary to many people’s thinking, caffeine is truly safe with the health of the user, improving mental alertness and promoting alertness. Researches conducted by the European Food Safety Association (EFSA) in 2015 indicated that on average, an adult should only consume up to 400mg of caffeine each day, equivalent to 5 cans of Red Bulls. At an appropriate dose, energy drink will help the users get more energy and improve alertness to work and study, not to affect their health.

Many athletes around the world believe and drink Red Bulls energy drink before every important match or before training. It is because they believe that energy drink will help the body improve endurance, resilience and reduce fatigue. Therefore, it is said that Red Bulls is compared as a “sport drink”.

Elias Ambühl, Swiss skiing athlete, shares his secret of training: “I usually drink a can of Red Bulls energy drink after each heavy workout to recover energy. Before each game, I would also choose a can of Red Bulls to get the necessary alertness.”

Red bull energy drink bad for you?

Bad, if Red Bulls energy drink is used wrongly or abused

According to the reports of the European Association of  Energy Drinks, energy drinks in general and Red Bulls in particular do not participate in the body’s rehydration process, so it is impossible to completely replace the water. So, besides using Red Bulls energy drink, you need to get plenty of water to ensure that your body is getting enough water for a day.

The using combination of Red Bulls energy drink and alcoholic beverages does not cause any direct, positive or negative impact on consumers’ health, according to EFSA’s study in 2015. So, the information on the use of this mixture is harmful to health, it is inaccurate. However, the abuse of Red Bulls and alcohol will make the users lose the feeling of drunk, so they will drink more alcohol than control. This means that alcohol abuse negatively affects health in the long run.

Depending on the health of each person, excessive use of Red Bulls Energy Drink in an unscientific way can lead to some negative impact to the body, including feelings of stress, mental depression and the increase of heart rate. So, getting Red Bulls Energy Drink too much is definitely not a smart way.

SO, Red Bulls Energy Drink is good for health, helping users to increase their alertness, ability to focus and add the energy needed to “break the challenge” if used properly and with proper amount. Conversely, if users get this drink too much and with improper amount, many unwanted effects will occur to their body.

(*) Based on the ingredients of Red Bulls

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