9 Tips To Recover Instantly After Drinking

Parties are easy to make you drunk. To avoid bad situations when you get drunk, you should know how to sober up by yourself.

recover after drinking

How to recover after drinking?

The following tips can help recover after drinking effectively.

1. Drink ginger and lemon tea

Cut a fresh ginger about 60 grams into thin slices. Then add a cup of tea with a slice of lemon.

Hot ginger taste has anti-drunk effect. Ginger makes blood vessels better circulate, thereby quickly dissolving alcohol in the body.

If you like, you can add hot ginger tea to a spoonful of honey to quickly absorb and help with drunkenness.

2. Drink coconut water

Coconut water can help you reduce drunk effects quickly. Coconut water helps to offset the body’s water because it contains many important electrolytes such as potassium and sodium.

If you get drunk that night, take a glass of coconut water before going to bed. You can be fully alert to go to work the next morning.

3. Drink lemon juice, orange juice

Using fresh lemon is a popular method of sober up many people use. Drink a glass of lemon or orange juice (made by warm water). You will awake quickly.

Lemon and citrus fruits have the ability to help the body sober up faster. If you drink a glass of lemon or orange with honey, when you wake up, you will be alert and less thirsty.

4. Drink tomato juice

Drinking and vomit not only cause fatigue but also cause the body to lose a large amount of elements of potassium, calcium, and sodium…

Drinking 1 cup of ripe tomato juice will help you reduce drunk effects quickly. In tomatoes, many of the above elements will promptly replenish the body.

5. Eat white porridge

Porridge is a very effective sober up. You can cook a pot of white porridge to eat, eat as hot as possible.

Porridge will help the drunken person to stay awake and regain health quickly.

6. Drink cabbage juice

In Greece, cabbage juice is a popular method of sober up. A study at Stanford University (USA) found that cabbage juice may help treat stomach ulcers and it also works to help drunken people recover quickly.

7. Eat bananas

Bananas can help you recover after drinking. Eat 3-5 bananas and rest for 15 minutes, you will quickly wake up

You can also take a banana smoothie with a few drops of honey to increase the effectiveness.

8. Eat watermelon

Watermelon is also rich in fiber and potassium and high water content. That makes many people argue whether it’s a vegetable or a fruit.

After drinking, eat 300g of watermelon right away, you will feel better.

9. Eat a sweet potato

Another quick way for sober up is to use sweet potatoes, which can be added with a little sugar to mix well or you can eat a sweet potato directly.

Notes after consuming alcohol

  • Do not bathe: It is dangerous to take a bath when you are drunk. It is not good whether it’s a hot bath or cold water. Hot water will disturb the temperature in the body, which can cause vomiting, more seriously, cause the body to lose consciousness. Cold water also interferes with the supply of glucose and causes blood vessels to rupture or chill. It is best to just wipe your face with a damp cloth and then change into clean clothes to keep your body warm.
  • Do not use the drug: Many people have a habit of using the drug after consuming alcohol to speed up the process of alcohol dissolution, but the use of these drugs only helps you stay awake, reduce the symptoms of poisoning for a short time. Instead, you should use drinks rich in Vitamin C such as orange juice, lemon juice to supplement the natural sugar needed for your body.
  • Do not turn on the air conditioner when sleeping: This can make the body cold, leading to more severe conditions such as sickness, mouth distortion, limb paralysis…
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