Quit Smoking Quickly With Baking Soda Water

Smoking is harmful to your health and increases the risk of cancer. Although everyone knows these and they want to quit smoking, they still can not control the temptation of smoking. Be persistent and follow the methods of quit smoking with baking soda to eliminate this harmful habit.

Why can baking soda water help you quit smoking?

According to scientific studies, the accumulation of acid in the body is one of the main causes making you addicted as well as a variety of chronic diseases and even aging. The fact is that people who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol … often support acidic foods such as red meat, pork, coffee, cigarettes, fast food … Meanwhile baking soda is alkaline base to neutralizing the acids in your body and helps you get rid of addiction. Baking soda flour is a familiar ingredient used to make bread, so it can be easily purchased at supermarkets or pharmacies with common names such as salt drug, salty drug or sodium bicarbonate.

quit smoking with baking soda quickly

How to quit smoking with baking soda water.

  1. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda powder with a glass of clean water. Completely stirred.
  2. When you need to smoke, wash out your mouth with this solution.

– You can contain baking soda water in a small bottle and carry it with you. Whenever you feel like smoking, wash out your mouth with this solution.

– If you feel that washing out your mouth with baking soda water ineffectively, you can put a pinch of baking soda on your tongue when you feel like smoking, or mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water about 230ml and drink twice a day in the first week, then reduce to once a day in the following week, and with the decrease in using baking soda, the craving for cigarettes will also decrease.

Note: This technique is not recommended for people who are taking a non-sodium diet, especially high blood pressure. It is because the nature of baking soda also contains sodium as the salt you eat every day, when used in high doses, this can cause high blood pressure.

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