7 Ways To Prevent Car Sickness Without Taking Medicine

To prevent car sickness, in addition to less moving, not drinking alcohol, eating too much… people who are often getting carsick need to pocket 7 tips to prevent car sickness without medicine below.

prevent car sickness without medicine

Prevent car sickness with fresh ginger

According to oriental medicine, ginger has a spicy taste, has a negative effect, has the ability of detoxification.

Fresh ginger works to spread wind and prevent vomiting. So if anyone goes to a car or get car sick, use ginger to prevent car sickness, but it can also be easy and effective, without causing side effects.

How to prevent car sickness with fresh ginger as follows: Before starting about 30 minutes, use a piece of fresh ginger with the thumb size, peel off the skin, wash, crush and then mix with a cup of warm water to drink.

At the same time, during the journey, sometimes take a slice of ginger in your mouth.

If people who do not use fresh ginger tea, it is possible to use ginger gum, which is sweet in candy, to help motorists increase brain circulation and decrease dizziness and headaches.

Or you can cut a slice of fresh ginger in your hand, while sitting in a car placed under the nostrils to give a pungent, spicy flavor to the nose.

In addition, it is possible to take a piece of ginger and paste it into the navel.

Prevent car sickness with orange peel

The way to prevent car sickness with orange peels is quite popular because it is quite simple. Before getting into the car for about an hour, take an peeled orange, then use the orange peel between the nostrils so that the orange smell smells all the odors on the car. When the orange peel is off the odor, continue to squeeze out essential oils with aroma, can inhale 10 times.

While sitting in the car can do so at any time.

Prevent car sickness with vinegar

Do not think that vinegar is used only for cooking. Using vinegar has many uses, which are also used to prevent car sickness

Before going to the car, you can drink a glass of warm vinegar water. By doing so, you can prevent car sickness.

Prevent car sickness with bread

Bread is a very popular food when boarding a car. When eating bread, the pancreas releases trypsin. This enzyme metabolizes with amino acids in bread that has a calming effect.

In addition, sniffing a piece of bread can help to reduce the smell of train and cars, the feeling of car sickness. That is why it is so good at the bus stations to sell bread.

Other tips to prevent car sickness without medication

The most effective and common way to prevent car sickness is to take anti-motion sickness drugs and stick stickers behind the ears.

Before planning to take a train for a few days, you should eat enough nutrition, get enough sleep to have good health to prepare for the trip.

Before going to the car, you should not starve but should eat moderately (according to experience, you should eat bread). Absolutely do not use carbonated drinks and some flatulence stimulants such as sticky things, soybeans, peanuts… fat-rich foods, smelly foods because they will make you susceptible to goose bumps and nausea.

You can bring some snacks, a music player, talk to someone, sing alone or some intellectual toys… to make fun of the car, they will help you forget the feeling of car sickness.

Remember that mental factors are important because if you always have pessimistic psychology, negative that you will get car sick, the car sickness will be easier to find you.

Stay away from tobacco, perfume or unpleasant odors on the car. If possible, open a car window so you can enjoy the fresh air from nature, this will also help you get better.

It is best to choose the front seat to sit because it will help you limit the risk of car sickness. In addition, when traveling, you should not look sideways but look straight ahead. Try to sleep on the car because sleeping will help you forget the feeling of car sickness more easily.

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