What Are The Benefits Of Pear Juice For Children?

Pears are juicy, flavorous, easy-to-use its aroma, sweetness and it suits the taste of many people. So, for children, what are the effects of eating pears and drinking pear juice? 

Pears contain lots of water, fiber, vitamins and beneficial minerals, betacaroten, folic acid… For a long time, pears are not only used as a nutritional supplement, but also as a supplement to support health. For children, pear juice also brings many good health effects.

pear juice for children

Pear juice helps children reduce constipation

Constipation in children often occurs due to diets lack of fiber, while pears are rich in fiber to help to supplement large amounts of water into the stool, softening them so they can move more easily in the intestinal tract and be excreted out.

The American Pediatric Association has recognized the ability of pears to prevent or reduce constipation. Pear juice contains a non-digestible amount of sugar, which helps to draw liquid into the digestive tract, making it easier for children to digest in case of constipation.

Not to mention, the pear juice is sweet, fragrant, easy to drink, very suitable for use for babies.

Pear juice helps to reduce cough

Pear according to traditional medicine is a food that is cool, slightly acidic, has the effect of purifying heat, reducing sputum and cough, maintaining blood and antitoxic… for the body.

Folk people often apply quite popular medicine to treat cough and sputum for children from pears such as pears and honey, pears with ginger and honey… the simplest way is to use pear juice to drink directly.

Pearling juice helps a child to reduce cough, relieve sore throat and treat dry mouth, which helps the baby to reduce the discomfort when the body feels cold.

Pear juice helps to strengthen the immune system in children

The abundance of vitamins and minerals in pears is very beneficial, especially vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that can fight free radical damage and help the body reduce fatigue and depression.

Providing pear juice for children will help the baby to strengthen the immune system, increase health, prevent disease and develop with a healthy body.

How to give baby pear juice to get good effects?

According to research fund of Seattle Children’s Hospital (USA) recommends:

  • Infants use pear juice no more than 30 ml/1 month of age/day. For example, a 2-month-old infant only drinks about 60 ml of pear juice/day.
  • Older children can use about 60 – 120 ml of pear juice/day to prevent constipation, supplement water and vitamins.

For safety, it is best to consult your doctor before using fruit juices that treat constipation or diseases for children.

Pear juice in particular and fruit juices in general are mostly good and beneficial for health and the development of children. With each kind of fruit, mothers add to the appropriate way in the daily diet menu, your baby will grow better and healthier.

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