Notes On Cough Treatment For Infant

Infants are very fragile and vulnerable to cough, runny nose, colds, fever, etc. Cough treatment for infant should be carefully investigated to cure the baby’s cough safely because in the first months, your baby is very sensitive to ingredients in medicines, foods.

It is necessary for your newborn to cure cough, especially persistent coughing that can make babies cry, unable to sleep. Coughing accompanied by wheezing always makes the mother anxious, impatient to cure, hoping her baby finish cough soon. However, mothers should be cautious in cough treatment for children to avoid regrettable mistakes.

Do not rush to use antibiotics for your baby: According to medical experts, when a newborn makes a cough, their parents should not rush to use antibiotics for them. The use of antibiotics not prescribed by doctor makes the child resistant to drugs and makes it difficult to treat the infection later.

Precautions with drugs that inhibit central nervous system: drugs containing dextromethorphan active substances, codeine…Normally, these drugs are not authorized by the doctor for children under 6 months, due to quite a lot of side effects.

Notes On Cough Treatment For Infant

What should a mother do when her newborn makes a coughs?

First of all, take care and follow your baby’s cough

If the baby makes a dry cough: may be allergic to weather or food passed through breast milk. Mother needs to avoid your baby from dust inhalation, animal hair… Wash the nose, eyes for baby with physiological saline. Breastfeeding mothers should keep in mind to abstain from allergenic foods such as shrimp, crabs or cold foods.

If the baby coughs white sputum: Place your baby on stomach over two thighs, raise baby’s head a little higher than back, tab the back slightly, help your baby spit out the sputum, easy to expel sputum from the respiratory tract.

– Note the wind and temperature the place your baby take a rest. Do not let the outside wind or wind blow your baby’s face and neck. Do not let your baby’s feet and hands feel cold. The temperature in the baby’s room should be about 27-29 degrees, if the baby goes out, you should not set the high temperature difference in the room and outside.

Use herbs to relieve coughing:

There are many kinds of herbs used to treat cough in folk such as lemon basil, chive leaves, mint, etc… The use of herbs not formulated mother should pay attention to choosing originated trusted herbs, the clean herbs, dosage must be consulted by doctor, because infants are very sensitive to the active ingredients even herbs. Mothers can use some of the following herbs for babies

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White rose: Use about 4g of rose petals mixed with alum sugar to steam in the rice cooker or distilled water for the roses to drink. It is noted that mothers can pick roses planted at home, avoid roses have sprayed plant protection.

Chive leaves: Select the chive leaves and alum sugar. Put all steamed bowls and then take its water for baby to drink. According to folk experience, chive leaves have antibacterial effect, reduce sputum and reduce cough very well for children.

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