Never Do You Buy Fruit With Its Code Starting With Number 8

Normally, when buying fruit at the supermarket, we usually pay little attention to the code on each product. However, these codes have their own meaning everyone does not know.

If the code starts with number 8

If you come across a fruit labeled with five digits and its code starts with number 8, it means that it is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) product.

Currently, GMO is controversial and has faced with protests widespread, especially in the European Union and some other Asian countries, because GMO causes some diseases for people, herbicide abuse and environmental pollution.

Many researches conducted by manufacturers claim that there is no link between the use of GMO product and health problems. Meanwhile, other studies carried out by independent experts point many disturbing correlations such as multiple organ damage and reproductive disorders.

Therefore, the serious health risks posed by GMO are becoming increasingly difficult to refute.

So what’s the code that starts with the other numbers?

If the stamp has 4 numbers, starting with number 4, this is the symbol of the fruit grown by conventional technology, it means that it uses herbicides, pesticides, growth stimulants, Inorganic fertilizer … in accordance with standard dosage.

These products are unmodified and naturally cultivated and of course, sprayed with plant protection chemicals. Therefore, be careful to soak and rinse several times under strong tap or peel or process them before eating

If the stamp has 5 numbers, starting with number 9, it’s a 100% organic product and does not contain any pesticides, plant protection or any growth hormone. And coming with it, of course, it is much higher price than similar products.

But, in an industry economy with so many nasty things around, we should consider spending some extra money investing in a healthier life.

Be proactive as a smart consumer, actively choose clean, safe organic food from trusted suppliers or even proactively produce your own food supply in any way that you can.

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