Mobile Phones Are ‘Silently’ Destroying You

Today’s phones are becoming inseparable from many people, but not everyone knows how to use a secure phone to protect their health.

Since its appearance, the phone has helped people communicate with each other more effectively, eliminating barriers of geographical distance.

It became so popular that adults, old people, children, etc. anyone could own a phone. It is easy to use it, but to use the phone safely, not everyone knows.

Electromagnetic radiation is one of the causes of a series of serious diseases such as cancer, genetic modification, reproductive health disorders, immune system disorders…

mobile phone destroy you

How the phone affects your health

In the beginning, you probably will not realize these effects but in the long run, the symptoms will become more and more obvious.

Visual effects

Everyone knows that watching the phone screen for too long causes your eyes to be dry, blurred or red-eyed but most people are unaware of the importance of preserving their eyes. Mobile screens tend to be smaller than computer screens, which means that you are more likely to squint and strain your eyes when reading messages.

Persistent insomnia

The phone emitting blue light inhibits the production of melatonin hormones, causing sleep and disrupting your circadian rhythm. These blue lights are similar to daylight, making the body think it is daytime even though it is late at night.

Increase the risk of chronic pain

Mobile phones must always be used in the palm of your hand, especially when sending text messages and emails. Continuous typing also causes cramps to fingers and wrists.

The phenomenon of back pain occurs when using a mobile phone a lot, or the act of holding the phone between the neck and the shoulder when doing many things at the same time will make you feel pain in your neck.

How to use the phone safely

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said users of cell phones should keep a minimum distance of 20 cm with them to significantly reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation. In particular, children who are subject to radiation directly affect the brain. Therefore, you should keep in mind the following 5 things to use your phone safely.

Regularly listen to both ears when talking on the phone

The habit of only hearing the phone with one ear for a long time and continuously causes your brain to be influenced by electromagnetic radiation.

Do not play the phone while it is charging

When the battery is charging, the voltage flowing in the phone is many times higher than normal so it can damage or even burn small parts in the device. Moreover, the radiation level during the charging process is 10 times greater than usual, causing harm to users.

In addition, when the battery is weak, the radiation level is also many times higher than normal.

Do not leave the phone in your pocket

The toxic radiation emitted from the phone is the leading cause of infertility. Therefore, to use the phone safely, you should not leave the phone in your pocket, especially for men.

Do not place the phone near the head when going to bed

Before going to bed, you should keep away from the phone from the bed. The distance between the phone and the body determines how much radiation is absorbed into the body.

This is the cause of sleeplessness or headaches, fatigue when you wake up.

Only listen when connected to the other end

Many phone users have a habit of keeping their phones close to their ears as soon as they have dialed a number without determining whether a call signal has been connected. Using this wrong phone makes phone radiation increase and affect your health more.

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