4 Mistakes When Eating Seafood Many People Suffer

Eating unripe seafood, drinking it with alcohol, frozen seafood for too long time without being processed carefully… seriously affects health. Seafood is rich in nutrients. However, if you enjoy seafood arbitrarily, users will face with health hazards. Here are some mistakes when eating seafood.

mistake when eating sea food

Eat raw seafood

According to Livestrong, most seafood contain Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a bacterium that has a very high heat resistance and is only destroyed at temperatures over 80 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the water environment where seafood lives contains many bacteria and parasites that cause disease. In the process of catching, transporting and processing, seafood is also at risk of infection from outside pathogens.

Therefore, this type of food should be cooked in boiling water for 4-5 minutes to be fully disinfected, to avoid the risk of pathogens and parasites.

Health experts also recommend that people should not eat raw seafood or seafood soaked in wine, marinated, unprocessed. There are some species of seafood that carry many toxins, causing poisoning for people to eat, and even death.

Eat seafood when drink alcohol

Nutrition expert Nguyen Moc Lan said that many people have a habit of using seafood as a snack when drinking alcohol. In fact, the types of shrimps, crabs, fish… when entering the body will create more uric acid, the main cause of gout. Not only that, alcohol also has substances that accelerate the formation of uric acid, causing many health risks.

Eat seafood when drink alcohol

You should not eat sea food when drinking alcohol

Eat fruits as soon as eat seafood

In fact, many people like to eat fruit dessert after a meal, but if you’ve just finished eating seafood, don’t eat fruits quickly. Because of the rich nutrients such as protein, calcium contained in shrimp, fish will be greatly reduced if combined with fruits such as grape, pomegranate,  persimmon … Moreover, the chemical composition of these fruits is easily combined with calcium in seafood to form an indigestible substance, leading to abdominal pain and digestive disorders. It is best to eat fruits after eating seafood for 2 hours.

Boil or steam the frozen seafood

Unlike other types of meat, seafood contains many types of bacteria that can withstand low temperatures. Therefore, any type of seafood should be processed in a fresh state.

Iced or seafood preservation in the refrigerator cannot eliminate bacteria and pathogens, but temporarily slows down their activities. If left in the refrigerator for a long time, the bacterial content will increase rapidly, most of the protein will be denatured. Meanwhile, seafood is not suitable for processing by boiling and steaming.

Processing should be done by using high temperature methods such as frying. Seafood not only has a delicious taste but also eliminates all kinds of bacteria.

According to experts, it is best to process and enjoy within a day of buying, should not be preserved for too long.

Notes when eating seafood

Be careful when giving children with seafood. The child’s immune system is incomplete, so the risk of poisoning is also higher than normal. Absolutely, do not let your baby try strange types. Even with the usual type, parents should only let the child try a little.

Do not arbitrarily eat strange seafood because some have very high toxin content. If you eat, do not eat your head, eggs, fish liver live in warm waters because the poison is usually concentrated in these parts.

Do not eat poisonous types such as puffer fish, blue round octopus, seaweed, starfish, sea crabs… These toxins are usually not destroyed by heat when cooking or processing with normal methods. Do not eat seafood that is in contaminated waters.

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