Lose Weight With Guava Leaves Tea: Amazing Effective

Guava leaves are known for their great benefits for beauty and health. However, a few people know that guava leaves tea can help you lose weight. Let’s learn about this effective weight loss method together!

guava leaves tea can lose weight

Drinking guava leaves tea can help you lose weight

Why is drink guava leaves tea to lose weight, maintain good shape?

Guava leaf is a familiar natural material that is easy to find and brings remarkable beauty and health benefits. Thanks to vitamin B ingredients (B2, B3, B5, B6), flavonoids, carotenoids, tannins, polyphenols… this leaf can support:

  • Treatment of diarrhea, diabetes, cough, sore throat…
  • Reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Heal wounds, sores…
  • Beautify the skin, prevents swelling and heals acne.
  • Hair care.
  • Effective weight loss.

Among the great benefits of guava leaves above, effective weight loss is an impressive benefit for people who are seeking to regain their desired shape. Guava leaves achieved this effect is due to the ability to prevent the transformation of complex starch into sugar. Therefore, anyone who drinks guava leaves tea can control blood sugar and dissolve excess fat.

Recipe for making guava leaves tea for weight loss

Dried guava leaves tea


  • Prepare fresh guava leaves, remove stalks.
  • Guava leaves is washed and drained.
  • Prepared guava leaves are dried until they change yellow, with a characteristic aroma.
  • Store this material in a dry sealed container (or plastic bag) for use.

How to make

  • Get the amount of guava leaves just enough for the tea kettle.
  • Pour hot water and wait about 10 minutes for guava leaves.
  • Enjoy like drinking tea normally.

Fresh guava leaves tea

lose weight with guava leaves tea


  • Fresh guava leaves are washed, drained.
  • Clean water.
  • Black pepper or honey (optional).

How to make

  • Boil clean water with guava leaves for 15 minutes.
  • Wait for the water to cool and remove the guava leaves.
  • Can add some black pepper or honey to taste better and enjoy as normal tea.

Guava leaves powder tea


  • Choose young guava leaves, wash and drain.
  • Same as the way 1, bring this guava leaves to dry until yellowing.
  • Crush dry guava leaves into fine powder.

How to make

  • Mix one tablespoon of dried guava leaves powder with a cup of hot water.
  • Wait about 5 minutes for the powder to dissolve.
  • Filter out the dead leaves and enjoy.

Some notes

In addition to following the above methods, you should also note the following principles to ensure the fastest performance, at the same time not having adverse health effects.

  • This is a weight loss method at home with natural ingredients. Therefore, you need to be persistent for a long time.
  • Guava leaves are slightly acrid, if taken too much, the risk of constipation is not good for the digestive system. Therefore, you want to lose weight fast, but not abuse guava leaves tea.
  • Besides drinking guava leaves tea to lose weight, you should also combine regular exercise with your body for toned physique.
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