How To Lose Weight Quickly With Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are a fairly cheap and popular food today. Bean sprouts are cool and they are often used as a vegetable that can be cooked or eaten in the raw status, so do they have a very good weight loss effect?

Studies show that in bean sprouts, there is a very rich amount of nutrients such as cellulose, protit, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, carotenoids, phosphorus, zinc, they are very good for health and help the body lose weight faster.

In addition, in bean sprouts also contains a high content of fiber, low in calories, so they can lose weight quickly and effectively. Normally, every 100g of bean sprouts contains only 8 calories and a lot of fiber, so it can support intestinal, laxative, cardiovascular disease prevention. So, losing weight with bean sprouts is quite safe, regularly eating bean sprouts not only helps you lose weight effectively and but also avoids the skin from being wrinkled, lack of water like other weight loss measures.

lose weight with bean sprouts

Bean sprouts fried with tofu

Preparation: Bean sprouts, tofu, spring onions, spices, cooking oil.

How to process:

Tofu is washed and sliced, then fried until yellow. Bean sprouts washed, drained. The onion picks up the roots, rinses, the white body is split, the green onion is moderately cut.

When the oil is hot, add onion (white body) and add the bean sprouts to fry. Season with the spice and add the tofu to stir in the beans. Stir quickly, season with the spice. Before going out, remember to mix the part of the onions with the mixture.

Bean sprouts salad

Ingredients: Bean sprouts, onions, cilantro, spices, shrimp.

How to process:

The shrimp is boiled, then peeled, mixed with bean sprouts with mixed water, peanuts, onions and cilantro… Mixed water includes: sugar, fish sauce, lemon, chili… With this simple bean sprouts salad, it does not a lot of time, you can quickly make and enjoy in just 20 minutes.

Regularly applying this dish to the weight loss menu with the bean sprouts, you will quickly own the slim and charming body. Apply together to quickly get high results.

In addition, you can apply the three day meal menu with bean sprouts as follows


  • A chicken egg (you can change it with a loaf of bread no more than 100g).
  • A glass of bean sprouts juice (or a glass of milk for dieters).

Eating eggs in the morning is good when providing enough energy for the body without worrying about fat accumulation. The juice of bean sprouts promotes the production of energy and dissolves fat.


  • A bowl of rice.
  • A plate of bean sprouts salad.
  • 100g of beef.

Eating rice is to provide the amount of starch needed for the body. But it is noted that you only eat rice for your lunch. Beef, too, can provide the protein needed for a day. In addition, you do not eat any other energy-rich meats.

A plate of bean sprouts salad offers plenty of fiber and vitamin C in the bean sprouts against natural oxidation and helps you lose weight and make your skin more beautiful.


  • A plate of boiled vegetables (or low-energy vegetables such as squash, cabbage …).
  • A cup of smoothie including pineapple + cucumber + lemon.

Starch and fat are the causes of weight gain. So it is necessary to minimize these two substances. In your dinner, you should not eat rice or other starches. Instead, you can eat lots of vegetables to reduce cravings. You can drink plenty of water or increase fruit smoothies if you feel hungry.

The nature of bean sprouts is very good for health and no harm. However, with the use of bean sprouts is to make them grow fast, making sprouts become a bad food.

Therefore, if you use a lot of bean sprouts to dissolve belly fat, lose weight, you need to choose to buy bean sprouts in reputable establishments that know the origin or you can do it by yourself to get the safe bean sprouts for losing weight effectively.

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