How To Lose Weight While Sleeping

We all can agree that regular exercise is the best way to lose weight and stay healthy. But the following healthy habits can help you lose weight while you are sleeping.

how to lose weight while sleeping

9 Tips To Lose Weight While Sleeping

1. Taking protein before going to sleep

Studies show that taking about 30 grams of protein before going to sleep will help increasing the amount of calories the body burns while resting. Protein also helps building muscle, and the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn at rest.

2. Having a small dinner

According to Boldsky, we should avoid having large meals during the night and before going to sleep. In a deep sleep, our brain releases a growth hormone. If you eat late at night, growth hormones store food as fat instead of fuel.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol

Do you think that drinking a little bit of alcohol will make you deeper in the sleep and your body will be healthier? But it is not, drinking alcohol before going to bed will make your body metabolize alcohol while you sleep, so you do not achieve REM state (deep sleep state), that is the time when the body burns the most calories.

A glass of wine with dinner is good, but it is remembered to stop drinking three hours before you go to sleep.

lose weight while sleeping

4. Setting yourself one fixed hour to bed

We all admit that getting good sleep plays an important role in our health, but busy schedules, movies and cell phones will prevent you from getting a good sleep. Sleeping enough hours every night (7-8 hours) helps your body burn more fat.

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A study of Journal of Clinical Nutrition (US) finds that people who are well rested will burned more calories by more than 20% after eating compared to those who sleep less, have irregular sleep schedule.

5. Avoiding exercising before going to bed

Exercise will awaken our body, making it difficult to achieve a good sleep. Please schedule your assignments in the morning, this will awaken your body and keep you energized throughout the day. But, if is for some reason, you cannot exercise in the morning, please exercise at bedtime before four hours.

6. Turning off all electronic devices in the bedroom

A study conducted at Harvard University finds that short-wavelength green light emanating from tablets and smartphones will hamper the production of melatonin, a hormone that supports for your sleep.

Another study conducted by researchers in Singapore shows that watching TV for many hours increases more triglyceride levels, leading to a lower risk of diabetes and lower levels of adiponectin (a regulatory protein of glucose levels and fatty acid breakdown) in the body.

7. Turning the regulator down

Sleeping in the cold room promotes the storage of BAT (brown adipose tissue) that helps burning fat stored in the abdomen, thus keeping us warm. A study published in the medical journal Diabetes finds that people who sleep in a room with a temperature of around (66 degrees F) 19 degrees will burn more than 75 calories compared to those who sleep in warmer rooms.

8. Sleeping in a dark room completely

Sleeping in the dark completely helps your body to produce a melatonin hormone that not only produces a good sleep, but also supports the production of brown fat containing mycelium to burn calories, according to a study published in Pineal Research Journal.

9. Sleeping naked

Although it sounds weird, sleeping naked has many benefits. By keeping your body cool, it will accelerate the body’s fat burning process, increasing the body’s good fats to help burn calories.

While the above tips will help you lose weight, but to achieve the effect of course, you should not miss the exercise daily to increase the effectiveness of weight reduction of your body.

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