Look Urine Color To Self-Diagnose Diseases In The Body

If the urine suddenly changes to a dark yellow color or any other colors, even turbidity and strange smell, it may be a sign of abnormal health. 

Look Urine Color To Self-Diagnose Diseases

Clear urine, almost colorless

It may be that you have been drinking too much water. Drinking plenty of water is good, but if you drink too much, it should not be because it will force the kidneys to work much to filter out water. Basically, the total amount of water added to the body during the day should not exceed 2 liters. However, depending on the body, the weather as well as the work, the activity of each person that the amount of water to drink is different. You should stop drinking water when you frequently urinate

Urine is light yellow

It is possible that the amount of vitamins you have consumed is too redundant or the body does not absorb. The best way to absorb vitamin is to eat more foods with vitamins instead of taking vitamins.

Urine is dark yellow

Normally this only comes from a cause that the body is lacking in water. You need to drink more water, preferably about 8 glasses a day.

Urine is pink or red

Possible causes include:

  • There is blood in the urine, due to kidney problems or bladder infections (usually accompanied by back pain or pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urination and signs of fever). In this case, you need to see a doctor immediately.
  • Eat foods that are red, pink or those that have artificial colors, chemicals.
  • Affected by side effects of laxatives.

Urine turns orange

This may be due to the effect of the medication you are taking. In this case, you need to consult a doctor. Take the medicine to the doctor and ask in detail.

Eating too many foods that are orange or have chemical colors also makes the urine orange.

Urine is blue or green

This signals that you are suffering from medication or over-consumption of blue foods, especially asparagus or foods that contain blue, green chemicals

Urine is dark brown or tea color

The cause may be liver disease, especially when accompanied by signs such as pale pale skin color, yellow skin. It may also be due to the effect of the drug being taken.

Turbid urine, with residue

This may be due to the following issues:

  • Urinary tract infections. If you have symptoms such as back pain, lower abdominal pain, persistent urinary incontinence and fever, see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.
  • Kidney stones are a common cause of pain. Get medical attention right away.
  • You may have eaten too much asparagus.

In addition, when you have unusual urinary symptoms such as urine leak when you laugh or you often have to wake up in the middle of the night to urinate … (although not drinking too much water before going to sleep or you are pregnant), you should see your doctor right away to find out about urinary tract infections.

There will be times when your urine temporarily discolor due to artificial colors in the foods you eat or to the medicine you are taking. Other cases of abnormal urinary color changes, including blood in urine, are signs of serious health problems that require you to go to doctor for medical checks immediately.

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