Living Too Clean Can Make Children More Susceptible to Cancer

British scientist said that living too clean make children’s immune system working improper, enabling blood cancer to develop.

Acute myeloid leukemia is a common form of blood cancer in children. The scientific community has not yet identified the root of this disease. Some comments blame for cable, electromagnetic waves, chemicals because in fact blood cancer is common in rich countries. However, Professor Mel Greaves from the British Cancer Research Institute disagreed and claimed that living too clean was the cause of this disease.

On Nature Reviews Cancer newspaper, Greaves professor argues that the appearance of blood cancer goes through three stages:

– Genetic mutations can not be prevented from happening in the uterus.

– Lack of exposure to bacteria in the early years, making the immune system does not know how to fight the disease.

– The body is infested, the immune system is weak, making blood cancer developed.

“Obviously, acute myeloid leukemia is triggered due to infection in babies with the immune system working in the wrong way,” Greaves said. In fact, many studies have shown that children exposes to many bacteria through learning, playing with their siblings, breastfeeding and being in normal birth are less likely to have blood cancer. World medicine has also recorded 7 children with blood cancer after the flu in Milan (Italy).

Professor Greaves said his research was not intended to criticize parents who lived too cleanly, but wanted to prove that modern life wen with the price they paid. In particular, when the cause of blood cancer is determined from the lifestyle, Professor Greaves believes that it is possible to prevent children from blood cancer by contacting with good sources of bacteria (such as yogurt) to “train” the immune system.

While waiting for further findings, Professor Greaves suggests that parents should encourage their children to interact with others people. However, some experts express doubts that “Parents should not trust this research,” said Dr. Alasdair Rankin, director of director of the blood cancer unit belonging to Bloodwise Foundation (UK) “Strong immune system will reduce the risk of disease, but there is no way to completely prevent blood cancer in children”.


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