Jogging In The Evening: Unexpected Benefits!

Jogging is a sport chosen by many people for their health. However, during the practice, many people still wonder whether jogging in the evening is good?

Jogging in the evening is good?

Actually, there has been no specific study to determine the exact running time of the best. But the fact remains that many of the early evening joggers are still highly effective.

jogging in the evening

The benefits of running in the evening

1. Reduce stress tired after every working day

Sports is always a good way to reduce stress. Jogging causes the body to release Endorphin hormones to make our minds more relaxed.

You can also invite your friends to jog in the evening. Talking about sports makes you forget about the daily workload and have a good night’s sleep, helping the body sleep better

Jogging before 1 hour sleep gives you a good night’s sleep, helping you wake up well the next morning.

2. Effective weight loss

If you want to lose weight, it is best to exercise before going to a 30-minute dinner. At the same time, to get the best weight loss, you have to have proper nutrition because it may be better after jogging and may want to eat more.

3. Strengthen muscle growth

If you really want to develop muscles, you can perform exercises with high intensity. Jogging can be selected at the park or at home on the modern treadmill now. You can adjust the tilt of the conveyor for exercises with different slopes. If you are practicing outdoors, you can do a variety of runs with different terrain.

4. Improve body charm

Jogging in the evening will help you to improve your body shape. Because you can lose weight, make the body more attractive. And the jogging process can also make the legs tighter.

In addition in the evening, you have more free time. You do not need to get up early to run. Running also helps to blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health.

What time of day should you jog?

Evening time from 18h to 20h is the best time to run. Late-night jogging is bad for your health, which can make you difficult to fall asleep and get cramped at night. After 21:00pm, the body needs rest, if you can do walking exercises, do not run.

Tips for jogging in the evening

Do not eat too much before practicing

Eating too much makes the body heavy, does not have high efficiency, but you should not be hungry to exercise. Before running for 30 minutes, should you have a snack with bread, coffee or a glass of smoothie? Make sure your body is still energetic enough to exercise vigorously.

running in the evening

Moderate intensity of exercise

Just  fit your fitness, then you have high efficiency already. Do not overdo the body to easily lead to fatigue

Change in intensity during practice

Do not think you can only do high-performance jogging exercises. Change walking and jogging alternatives so that you can do longer exercises. The body has time to recover its strength while training.

Should start to warm up the body

So we can avoid unnecessary injuries during practice.

What should be worn when jogging in the evening?

  • Exercise clothes do not tighten your body but do not be too restrictive to your activity, so it will help you to make the exercise process more effective.
  • Not dressing too fashionable in the workout, so that we have a feeling of entanglement and the practice is not good.
  • Dressing properly is also essential to protect your health.
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