Is Eating Guava In The Evening Fat? When Should Eating Guava?

Guava is one of the fruits that is effective in losing weight. However, many people worry that eating guava in the evening guava can make you fatty. Is that true? The answer is through the article: “Is Eating Guava In The Evening Fat?  When Should Eating Guava?”

What are health effects when eating guava?

Eating guava every day reduces blood fat, improves cardiovascular health: The amount of antioxidants and vitamins in guava can help protect your heart from the damage caused by free radicals. The amount of potassium and soluble fiber in guava also contributes to improving your cardiovascular health.

Eating guava boosts the immune system: Vitamin C in guava is proven to kill bacteria that cause infection, antibacterial, help the body enhance the resistance, limit the infection.

eating guava in the evening

Eating guava helps to make your skin beautiful: With very high vitamin C content (100 grams guava contains 200mg vitamin C) in guava helps to activate the process of producing natural collagen, balancing moisture and make your skin more beautiful. In addition, with a very high Lycopene content (twice the amount of lycopene found in tomatoes), it acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays, acne, bruises.

Eating guava helps with diabetes treatment: According to the latest research from Asian scientists, guava leaves contain enzyme inhibitory activity: tyrosine protein 1B. This activity reduces the amount of sugar in the body and can treat type 2 diabetes.

Eating green guava to treat diarrhea: For large tannin content, eating green guava helps with diarrhea treatment, stabilizing the digestive system with people with diarrhea very well.

Note: For normal people, they should not eat green guava because it can cause constipation, they should choose ripe guava to use.

It is one of the fruits of high fiber content but does not contain cholesterol, is low in calories and rich in minerals, so it helps to bring more appetite to eat, it also helps to create a longer satiety,  helping to reduce fat effectively. Eating guava in the evening is not as fat as many people think, eating guava in the evening also helps to promote metabolism and lose weight.

The calories in this fruit are very low but contain a high fiber, so guava is considered as the ideal weight loss food for women.

At the same time, the vitamin C content is four times higher than the vitamin C content found in oranges, eating guava is a great way to accelerate the process of dissolving excess fat and stabilizing weight.

eating guava fat

How to eat guava correctly and notes when eating guava

Do not eat too much guava because it can cause gastrointestinal disturbances (eating too much ripe guava can cause diarrhea, eating too much green guava can cause constipation).

When eating guava, you should remove its seeds: It is because guava seeds are indigestible and can cause stomach pain, constipation.

People with weakened body should use guava juice so that their body can easily absorb nutrients.

People with diabetes should not eat the guava with the whole peel: Because eating guava with the whole peel will increase the amount of sugar in the body which is harmful to people with diabetes.

People suffering from stomach pain should not eat green guava: For young guava or green guava tastes acrid, people suffering from stomach pain will make this situation become heavier.

Eating guava during pregnancy is good for the health of mothers and their childen

Eating guava during pregnancy is good for your health and does not cause heat as many mothers still think. In contrast, eating guava during pregnancy helps mothers stabilize blood sugar throughout pregnancy, stabilize blood pressure, help to prevent anemia, improve the immune system and digestive system.

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