Infants Have A Cough: Causes And Treatment.

Why do infants have a cough?

Having a cough is a symptom of an infection, such as viral infection. Infants may have a cough due to:

  • Bronchitis.
  • Baby has pertussis due to respiratory system infection.
  • Baby with Bronchiolitis – a viral infection of the lungs.

Having a cough can also be caused by other causes, like asthma.

Infants having a cough are dangerous?

This depends on the type of cough that the baby suffers. It may be dry or productive cough.

Dry cough is a symptom of colds or flu. Maybe, your baby may have a cough due to cold weather. During the first year of life, the baby is susceptible to get a cold due to  baby’s weak immune system. Dry cough is due to swelling of the throat and upper respiratory system. Swelling causes itchy sensation in the back of the throat, causing coughing to try to remove the irritation.

Productive cough is a cough to remove sputum, mucus from the lungs. Productive cough can include: fever, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, irritability, red eyes, anorexia, swollen glands under the armpit, neck and back of the head..

How to treat with cough for infants

Cough and cold medications are not suitable for babies. These medications should not be given to children under 6 years of age due to the risks of side effects.

You can treat cough for infants by:

– Make sure that your baby gets as much rest as possible;

– Breast-feeding or formula more. It is because your baby needs lots of fluids to fight infection.

– Give your baby paracetamol or ibuprofen exactly. These medications will help to lower the fever. Infants from 2 months of age, if infants born after 37 months of age in the womb and weighing more than 4 kg can take paracetamol. Infants from 3 months of age, weighing at least 5kg, can take ibuprofen.

– Steambath can help your baby with cough. Try to sit with the baby in the bathroom and then discharge the shower. Warm hot water will help to relax the baby’s airway. Be careful not to burn your baby with hot water.

– If your baby is over 1 year old, you can try giving the baby with warm honey and lemon juice. Do not give children under 1 year of age drinking this water because they may be poisoned by honey.

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When should the baby be examined?

Infants under 3 months old, it is best way to take him or her to the doctor when she or he is sick.

You should also take your baby to see the doctor if:

– Your baby’s cough does not decrease after 5 days. The cough is heavier.

– Infants less than 3 months old with a fever above 38 degrees Celsius, infants under 6 months old with fever above 39 degrees Celsius.

– Baby has difficulty breathing.

– Baby have a cough with green, brown or yellow mucus.

– If you are too worried about your baby’s coughs, take him or her to see a doctor if he or she has bronchitis, whooping cough or asthma.

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