How To Save Your Life When Suddenly You Are In High Blood Pressure

Stroke often occurs “suddenly” and leaves extremely severe consequences such as paralysis, cerebral palsy… More than 80% of stroke is due to sudden high blood pressure and do not know how to handle this disease. Here are some effective ways to lower your blood pressure to avoid stroke in 5 minutes:

Practice acup ressure to reduce blood pressure quickly

Method 1: Massage in the “groove behind ear” located at the back of the ear, from the top of the slanting groove has a deep hollow below.

Use your thumb and forefinger, hold two pinna and swipe from top to bottom at the blood pressure’s groove.

Massage time is about 5-6 minutes and the number of times of massage for groove behind ear about 90 times per minute until your ears is red and heats up.

Continuously massage the twisted bend region at the back of the pinna for 5-6 minutes, corresponding to 90 strokes per minute.

Special note: Hypertensive patients pay special attention when practicing massage on blood pressure groove on the pinna does not massage deep into the ear. It is because if you massage to the bottom of the pinna will have the effect of backward, increasing blood pressure.

Method 2: There is a point on the toe, the point of intersection between the toe joint and the foot is the lowering of the blood pressure (Figure 1).

This is the most sensitive area of blood pressure on the body, just pressing your finger at this point within 5 minutes will have a significant effect on lowering blood pressure.

Method 3: The next position to lower blood pressure is the outside of the big toe, also called the neck reflex (Figure 2), you should press this position for 5 minutes, this also has the effect of lowering blood pressure

Method 4: Press the position circled in front of the ear the front of the ear for 5 minutes, effectively reducing blood pressure (Figure 3).

Method 5: Pressing the triangle intersection between the little finger, the ring finger and the hand for 5 minutes (Figure 4) is also to reduce blood pressure well.

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