How To Remove Sputum In The Throat Effectively

Sputum in throat makes you extremely uncomfortable. Occasionally, sputum appears with coughing symptom. How to remove sputum quickly and simply?

Swallow salt lemon to cure pharynx in the throat

To cure phlegm, before going to sleep, you should suck 1/8 salt lemon, swallow it slowly and then go to sleep, do not drink water because lemon pieces will be lapsed.

Use cabbage to remove the sputum in the throat

Cabbage contains many sulfur compounds – have the effect of diluting the sputum. Therefore, cabbage can help airway become airy. If the sputum is too thick, cabbage will help loose sputum and spit out more.

Remove Sputum In The Throat Effectively

Use honey and ginger to cure phlegm

The honey is steamed and the ginger is sliced. Each time reheat 1 – 2 tablespoons of soup for patients to drink in the morning and evening.

Hot water helps to expel mucus

Hot water is one of the best ways to thin sputum. In the morning, when you wake up, you see throat blockage, say no sound, drink warm water, your voice will naturally come back.

Spicy food helps to dissolve phlegm

Use hot and spicy foods to help dissolve phlegm. That is why eating hot spicy soup can help you cough up phlegm.

Cure mucus in throat with orange and alcohol

This is the least used way, but it is also very helpful to eliminate phlegm in your throat. Cut orange into slices and soak in alcohol overnight. Once the oranges are fully immersed, cook the soft orange pieces and then eat them. This not only helps you eliminate phlegm but it also gives your body with the required amount of vitamin C.

White rose cures cough and phlegm effectively

White roses have many effects in cough treatment. You just need to get the rose petals washed with a little bit of alum, plus a little water, bring it to be steamed. Each time, take a few spoons, 3-4 times a day.

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