How To Gain Weight With Turmeric Powder

Many overweight and obese people often lament that even though they have done everything, they still cannot lose weight as desired. So the skinny people are the same, they also have their own suffering when they eat a lot, but it’s also hard to gain weight. To have a perfect physique and a “standard” weight, it is not easy.

This article would like to tell you how to gain weight with turmeric powder. Many people have achieved the desired weight after applying this method.

Uses of turmeric powder

To make turmeric powder, people choose fresh turmeric. After that, it is washed, sterilized and boiled. The next stage is drying and powdering. Pure turmeric powder is usually dark orange in color.

turmeric powder gain weight

According to studies, on average in 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder brings up to 29 calories. Most of them are protein, fat and carbohydrates. More specifically, in this 1 tablespoon meets 16% of iron needs, 26% of manganese needs, 5% of potassium and 3% of vitamin C we need daily.

When discussing about turmeric, it will be missing without mentioning curcumin. This is the active ingredient in supporting, improving digestion and “being friendly” with the stomach. So turmeric is used to treat digestive disorders very effectively. Specifically, flatulence, indigestion makes lean people unable to absorb many nutrients.

How to drink turmeric powder to gain weight

Because turmeric powder is extracted from turmeric, we can completely use it. If many people use turmeric to lose weight by drinking it for 30 minutes before meals. If you want to gain weight, you should drink after a meal 1-2 hours. Everyday, you should drink 2 times in the morning and noon.

In addition, in order to gain weight effectively, you should add 1/2 teaspoon of honey to drink together and not use too much sugar when drinking. Honey when combined with turmeric powder becomes a nutritious drink that not only helps weight gain but is also good for the stomach.

Turmeric milk is also a great choice if you want to gain weight with turmeric powder. Keep in mind the formula: 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder put into 200ml of warmed milk, stir well. Milk and turmeric powder are considered “duo” to create a delicious and nutritious drink. If you don’t like fresh milk, you can replace it with sweetened milk.

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Notes when using turmeric powder to gain weight

Because turmeric has side effects that cause bleeding if consumed in the body too much. So we should not take medicine at the same time with turmeric powder. Especially anticoagulants or platelet-related drugs, it must be very attentive!

Pregnant women should not drink turmeric powder, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Because turmeric powder has an extremely high blood breakage. If taking turmeric powder, it will lead to miscarriage at any time. From the 7th month of pregnancy onwards, pregnant women can use turmeric powder as a normal spice but only in small quantities and it is best to consult a doctor.

Women who are in prolonged menorrhagia should not apply weight gain with turmeric powder. Because turmeric has a uterine stimulant, it can only benefit menstrual flow.

Turmeric powder only dissolves in warm water, you absolutely do not pour directly boiling water into turmeric powder. Certainly, it will not dissolve, but it becomes sticky or lumpy, it is very hard to drink.

People with stomach and intestinal pain should use golden turmeric powder after eating for about 1-2 hours. However, before applying this method for a long time, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

To plan for weight gain with turmeric effectively, you need to combine a high-fiber diet, lots of vegetables and a reasonable rest time. At the same time, you need to choose pure turmeric powder without mixing and its good quality. Wish your journey to gain weight as your wish soon succeeds!

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