How To Exfoliate Lips With Toothpaste

As with other areas of the skin, sensitive lips are very vulnerable and need to be cared. Exfoliating the lips with a toothpaste is simple, economical and effective.

Exfoliate Lips With Toothpaste

Benefits of exfoliating dead skin cells

  • Help you have rosy, well-rounded, healthy and seductive lips.
  • When your lips are smoother due to the disappearance of dead skin cells, lipstick will last longer. Lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss will definitely last longer.
  • Exfoliating dead skin cells also make your lips moisturize longer; dramatically reduce dryness and cracking of the lips.
  • If you regularly exfoliate your lips, you will no longer have to worry about wind and dry air, because your lips will not easily crack. Exfoliating dead skin cells is also moisturizing your pretty lips!

Is exfoliating your lips with a toothpaste good?

Toothpaste contains a variety of bactericidal agents. Thanks to this feature, the toothpaste can remove dead epidermis as well as cleanse and help your lips be smooth. There are no studies to confirm that the use of toothpaste to exfoliate the lips is harmful, so you can be absolutely sure about this method.

How to exfoliate lips with toothpaste

How To Exfoliate Lips With Toothpaste

To exfoliate the lips with a toothpaste, you need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Clean the skin by rinsing it with water or removing the existing one.
  2. Apply a layer of toothpaste to both upper lip, bottom lip.
  3. Brush gently with a soft bristled brush on the lips.
  4. Wash your lips and moisturize with specialized lip balm.

Note: the use of toothpaste to exfoliate the lips

  • You can use pure toothpaste or a combination of supplements like coconut oil, olive oil to create the best exfoliating mixture.
  • Always apply lip balm after exfoliating your lips.
  • Do not overuse this method to cause severe damage to the lips.
  • Choose safe toothpaste.
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