How To Eat Garlic Is The Best For Your Health?

Garlic is not only an interesting spice, but also a healthy food. However, eating garlic in the wrong way leads to unpredictable hazards. Learn how to eat garlic the best for your health with the following 12 notes!

Garlic is a familiar spice in the kitchen of every home. Not only make the taste of the food better, garlic also has many impressive therapeutic uses such as:

  • Against cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduce blood sugar
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Antibiotic effect
  • Improve immune system
  • Support against radiation poisoning

The reason is that garlic has the ability to accelerate the elimination and reduce the accumulation of radioactive isotopes in the body, while supporting chronic nicotine detoxification. Vitamins (A, B, C, D…) and minerals (iodine, calcium, etc.) in garlic are also very high. The extremely powerful allicin biocide has turned garlic into a precious natural antibiotic.

How to eat garlic is the best? Use fresh garlic!

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that protects our heart if absorbed in small amounts. This gas is abundant in rotten eggs and crushed garlic. However, this gas can only exist for a short time.

If the garlic undergoes through processing period or for long periods of drying, this useful hydrogen sulfide will disappear. Cooked or dry garlic still contains antioxidants to protect us from the negative effects of free radicals. But fresh garlic is still much more effective.


You can peel, shred and then put the garlic in the air for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, mix it with honey, applesauce, yogurt or something that you like to enjoy. If the smell of garlic makes you afraid, eat a few herbs immediately to deodorize it!


Use garlic within 10-15 minutes as soon as chopping

As mentioned above, garlic should be left in the air for 10-15 minutes before using.

However, many people save time by crushing garlic in the cooking process. After crushing, they start cooking immediately.

Nutrition experts warn that this is a completely wrong method. Allicin in garlic only promotes its wonderful uses after being left in the air for a certain period of time. At this time, enzymes in the air can enhance the beneficial minerals in garlic.

Eat garlic with sufficient amount

It is noted that hydrogen sulfide gas with a high concentration becomes toxic. Therefore, eating too much fresh garlic is not good for our bodies. Experts recommend a clove of garlic for a day is just enough.

As a spicy spice, when eating too much, garlic will make the stomach environment unbalanced. Since then, the state of appetite, fatigue and weight loss appear. More seriously, this will affect kidneys, bloody lesions and men at risk of infertility. So, you should eat garlic with sufficient amount to ensure health.

Cook garlic at a moderate temperature

Few people know that garlic is cooked at a high temperature, making the spice disappear. Allicin – the best substance in garlic will be disabled and the body’s resistance will not improve.

Therefore, garlic should be cooked with small fire, stir quickly for about 15 minutes, it will keep great health benefits.

Soak old garlic

Garlic soaked vinegar has many positive effects on the body, from reducing blood cholesterol to prevent arteriosclerosis until it eliminates the blockage of blood vessels by dissolving protein. It is because vinegar acid stimulates the medicinal ingredient in garlic.

old garlic

When soaked with garlic, if it turns green, the garlic you use to soak is still young. At this time, eating green pickled garlic is not poisoned, but the great treatment benefits have been greatly reduced compared to old garlic.

Remove garlic for a long time or its sprout

Garlic for a long time can be moldy or sprouts. If you continue to use, they will cause negative effects on health, may even lead to poisoning, especially for people with poor resistance. At this time, your stomach will be anxious and uncomfortable. Cases of severe poisoning that are not handled promptly can lead to death.

Do not eat garlic when you are hungry

Allicin – a natural antibiotic that is rich in garlic has the ability to heat the stomach, making people hot in their stomachs when eating garlic when they are hungry. For a long time, the phenomenon of gastric ulcer is at high risk.

Therefore, you should never eat garlic when you’re hungry. In addition, you need to combine garlic with other foods to avoid potential side effects of garlic.

Notes for foods not cooking with garlic

There are some foods when combined with garlic that will be ineffective, even harmful to users. Therefore, we will list the above foods to alert you when cooking, keep your family safe.

  • Chicken: If cooking garlic together with chicken, the dish will lead to dysentery.
  • Grass carp: Do not cook grass carp with garlic, this dish will cause bloating, indigestion.
  • Eggs: Garlic and eggs are two foods that should not be combined, even if eating is okay, you should pay close attention to avoid poisoning.

Avoid eating garlic when you are allergic or indigestion

People who have symptoms of allergy with garlic or feel indigestion should avoid this type of food. It is when you have bloating, flatulence, heartburn, etc. For some severe allergies, eating garlic will also be life-threatening.

Stop eating garlic when you have diarrhea

This is a taboo food for diarrhea patients. Garlic’s strong ability to stimulate the intestinal wall is not good for people with intestinal inflammation caused by invading bacteria.

If you continue to eat garlic, the intestinal mucosa will be more serious,  which can lead to bleeding, choking or edema. The condition will become worse, even worse complications will appear.

Eating garlic is not good for treating eye diseases

Garlic is a spicy food, not good for the eyes if eaten for a long time.  Dishes from garlic, and especially raw garlic, should not be included in the menu of people who are treating eye diseases. Similarly, people with eye diseases should abstain from other spicy foods.

People with liver and kidney diseases should not eat garlic

Garlic has excellent antibacterial effect, but it is ineffective against hepatitis and kidney virus. In contrast, spicy and hot in garlic also has a strong stimulating ability, which is harmful to the stomach and intestines. People with liver disease, especially those with hot liver, need to stay away from garlic to avoid injury.

People with liver disease will develop nausea symptoms when eating garlic because this food affects the body’s digestion process. Eating garlic also reduces hemoglobin, causing anemia, which is not good for people who are treating liver and kidney diseases.

Garlic is used very often in cooking, so keep in mind the above notes to use garlic in the best way for your health and family! Please share if you find it useful.

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