Distinguish Between Tongue Cancer And Canker Sore

According to statistics, up to 90% of patients with tongue cancer when the disease is discovered, it is in the final stage. Because their unknowledge causes the patient to confuse canker sore and tongue cancer.

Tongue cancer is often confused with canker sore. Therefore, this disease is rarely detected and treated early. So, we should read this article to know how to distinguish between tongue cancer and canker sore and how to handle this disease.

How to distinguish between tongue cancer and canker sore

Distinguish Between Tongue Cancer And Canker Sore

Get to know canker sore

Infection of the oral cavity, swelling pain, appearance of sores in the oral cavity interfere with the chewing, swallowing of patients.

The canker sore appears in the tongue, internal cheek, gums, and some other places in the oral cavity. The ulcer is milky white, causing pain in the surrounding area, even the lymph nodes in the jaw area, the cheeks.

Normally, the ulcers will self-heal from 7-10 days since they appear. When the disease is reduced, the swelling, pain of the ulcer gradually decreases, the mucosal area with ulcers will quickly heal later.

People who have canker sore only need to clean oral hygiene, take mild antibiotics or add vitamin group B and C and do not use alcohol, spicy food, cigarettes, they will self-heal after 10 days.

However, some cases of prolonged inflammation of the abscess may require more intensive antibiotic therapy and healing time will last longer than conventional canker sore.

Get to know tongue cancer

This is a very common disease in oral cavity cancer. However, it is because the characteristic of the disease is easily confused with canker sore, when the disease is detected, most cases are at the end of disease.

When you have tongue cancer, next to signs of ulcer, the patient also has signs such as:

  • Fast weight loss, fatigue of the whole body, lazy eating
  • Tongue bleeding, tumors in the tongue
  • Having difficulty opening mouth, swallowing food, speaking…

The sores in the tongue prolonged, even the tongue is hardened in certain positions.

Therefore, when there are warning signs as above, you should see a specialized doctor soon. Then, there will be appropriate treatment methods. Detecting the disease as early as possible increases your chances of curing the disease.

Otherwise, it is mandatory for your doctor to cut off your tongue as in the case above to ensure your life when your disease is in the final stage.

How to avoid tongue cancer?

  • Dental hygiene is most needed to prevent dental diseases, especially tongue cancer.
  • Avoid hot spicy foods, alcohol, stimulants that increase the risk of tongue cancer.
  • Eat foods that are effective against cancer such as garlic, onions, white radish, onion, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli…
  • The most frequent check-up is the oral cavity
  • See your doctor as soon as there are abnormal signs in the oral cavity to reduce the risk of disease and early detection of disease, reduce the mortality rate when the disease is too late.
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