How To Cure Brittle And Fragile Nails Quickly

Brittle and fragile nails not only hurt you when your skin is scratched, but also make your hands lose some of the charm. How can you overcome this discomfort?

Brittle and fragile nails not only make you uncomfortable, but may also be a sign that you are taking care of your nails with the wrong way. Let’s find out the cause and how to solve the fragile nails as well as how to protect the nails better.

Causes of brittle and fragile nails

If you often break your nails, read the following causes to find out what you are in.

  • Iron deficiency
  • Frequent messaging
  • Dry nails, lack of moisture
  • Use nail polish
  • Your body is lacking in B vitamins

How To Cure Brittle And Fragile Nails

The secret to keep your nails from breaking

After resolving the causes of breakage of the nails, you should focus on protecting your nails from breaking by using the following methods:

1. Always wear gloves

Gloves help you protect your hands a lot in the following situations:

  • When doing household chores: Housework such as washing the dishes, cleaning the house, washing the toilet or pruning the trees…all have negative effects on your nails. So, you should use rubber gloves when contacting with cleaning chemicals such as dishwashing detergents to protect your nails. These chemicals are the leading cause of brittle nails. In addition, you should also wear gardening gloves to prune trees to avoid your nails from scratching and breaking by the spike or thorns.
  • When it gets cold: Water, acetone and cleaning chemicals can dry your nails, resulting in brittle nails. However, cold weather will make these conditions more severe. You always bring a pair of warm gloves to protect your nails in cold weather.

2. Wet your nails before filing or cutting

The nails consist of several layers. Cutting or filing the dry nails makes these layers separated and then makes the nails more brittle.

You should cut and file your nails after bathing or washing your hands. This is a good time because the nails are soft and hard to break.

3. Do not cut the epidermis layer of the nails

As mentioned above, the epidermis layer of the nails protects the feet of the nails from dirt and bacteria. Cutting the epidermis layer will make the nail easier to infect, weaken and break more easily.

The secret to get beautiful fingernails is to use specialized creams for the epidermis layer of the nails, not cut this skin area.

4. Remove the habit of nail-biting

The nails are not always clean, so nail-biting and unhygienic habit will make you sick. In addition, this bad habit also makes your nails brittle, easy to break, bleed, be inflammation…

However, giving up this habit is not easy. Here are some ways to get rid of nail-biting:

  • Cut and file your nail neatly, beautifully so that you can appreciate your nail set better.
  • Chew gum or eat a fruit or vegetable like carrots so that you do not have time to bite your nails.

5. Do not use your nails arbitrarily

Many people still use the nail to open the can of water, shave the pieces on the wall, remove the nail, tear the paper… These contribute to making your nails brittle and fragile.

When you need to open a can of water, untwist or tear paper, use the right tools designed for these purposes. Remember that your nails are to protect the finger rather than a tool for casual uses.

How to care your nails beautifully

The following tips can help you get the nails and hands better and nicer

Keep your hands and nails clean

A good hand is a hand with clean nails. Keep your hands and nails clean by washing your hands thoroughly with mild soaps to remove any dirt.

Moisturize the skin and nails

Wash your hands even though your nails will be clean, but this will make your nails brittle and fragile. You need to moisturize your nails and skin immediately after washing. When applying lotion to your hands, remember to apply nail polish.

Eat good nutrition

Diet is important in ensuring overall the health in general and nail health in particular.

Nails are made from a protein called keratin. So, keep your nails strong, add protein from poultry, fish, beef and pork. In addition, you should also use more protein vegetables such as spinach.

Nails are brittle, but it is not too serious, but this may be a sign that you need to care for your hands. Healthy nails will help you have a nice and healthy hands, so you should take care of your nails more carefully.

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