How To Care For Your Lips After Tattooing?

To have a charming lips with natural beauty, women come to the technology of spraying the lips. You will not have to spend a lot of money buying lipsticks or take a lot of time to care and makeup for the lips every day.

However, lips tattoo needs to be properly cared for to be beautiful and durable. This article is to share some tips on how to care for lips after tattooing to help your lips color to be the most bright and beautiful.

how to care for lips after tattooing

Get a lot of water

Get plenty of water, but you do not let water touch the surface of the lips. You can use a straw or small spoon to get water.

Lips balm

After tattooing your lips, you will need to use a specialized moisturizer for your lips to provide the necessary moisture for your lips. As a result, the lips will not dry, be cracked, affecting the quality of spraying & tattoo. But you also need to follow the instructions of the tattoo artist to make the tattooing scute peel faster than tattoo spray.

Vitamin supplement for the lips

In addition, you also need to supplement vitamin A, C, E and other nutrients for the lips, to nourish the lips. This is a very important method of lip care after tattoos that many sisters are often subjective, or ignore. As a result, your lips color are long lasting only in a short time, not the same as the original. Foods rich in vitamins that you need to give your lips such as pineapple, oranges, pomegranates, pears, spinach, lettuce, grapefruit, apple…

Avoid harms from the environment

You need to protect your lips from environmental hazards such as sunlight, wind and dirt… because the contact with these elements will dry up the lips, even the infection.

Daily hygiene for your lips, avoiding dirt is the way to take care of your lips after tattooing, you should not ignore if you want to get good results quickly as well as avoid infection, itchy rash.

  • For the first 3 days, be absolutely not allowed to lips contact with water, wear a mask to protect the lips when going out to avoid sunlight as well as smoke.
  • Use medication as directed by your doctor so that the area of ​​the lips tattoo can recover quickly
  • How to care lips after tattooing is to clean your lips with physiological saline or other solutions, helping the lips to be cleaned after going out.

You do not touch hands on the lips, scrap scabs out of the lips in the first few days to avoid pain and infection of the lips.

What do you abstain for your lips after tattooing without swelling?

In addition, to get the best lip care after the tattoo, you need to abstain from the following foods (at least within a month) to make the lips beautiful, not fading or swelling.

You need to abstain from stimulant drinks such as coffee, wine and beer. At the same time, avoid foods such as seafood, spinach or eggs. In particular, sticky rice and chicken, these foods will make your tattooing area painful and sometimes it also ruins your lips tattoo.

These are all very important notes when you need to know how to care for the lips after tattooing to keep the lips color long and beautiful.

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