How Many Push-Ups You Should Do for Each Day to Get The Most Effective?

Doing push-ups a lots does not always also bring the maximum effect for you

Doing push-ups is a great way to increase endurance, muscle tone and improve your health. Choosing the amount of exercise depends very much on your fitness as well as your health condition. Depending on the purpose of the exercise, you will have different training methods such as focusing on the number of push-ups or the number of variations of push-ups.

Therefore, the high frequency of training is not always the best way to achieve your initial goal. Please refer to the following factors to arrange the most reasonable training frequency

Gender and health

Many people do not pay attention to these criteria when building push-ups exercises. Luga Podesta, pharmacist and director of the St. Charles Orthopedics Fitness Center in New York (USA) said, a healthy man in his 25s can complete doing 39 push-ups.

If he practices harder, he can do about 54 push-ups or more. However, a person in his 50s who is in the best health should only set his own limit on the number of 20 push-ups.

For females, this number is similar but it is slightly less. If she is 25 years old, the number of push-ups should be more than 25 for each round.

If you want to increase muscle, please increase the amount of push-ups

If you are building muscle mass, especially chest muscle, doing push-ups is one of the best exercises you should practice. Studies show that doing push-ups plays an essential role in building chest and shoulder muscles.

Margaret Hudson, a bodybuilder at Mount Sinai gymnasium (American), said that in order to force the muscles to develop, you would have to exercise in a high intensity and force the muscles to break before they can regenerate and grow stronger than before. It is always remembered that you need to force the muscles to be over the limit, not just rest when you feel tired.

If you want to increase endurance, please increase the time and push-up variations

However, if your goal is to increase endurance and toughness for your body, you do not need to focus on the quantity of push-ups. Instead, please do variations of this exercise a lots and lengthen your maximum practicing time.

Mercedes Eustergerling, a physiotherapist in Calgary, Canada, suggests that if your exercise threshold is 30, you only need to practice 28 sets and a half break. Then, continue 28 times of next push-ups. This process will increase the endurance and toughness of the body.

Starting with 12 push-ups for each round, 3 rounds for each practice

If you are a new person getting acquainted with doing push-ups, you can start with less pressure postures for your arms such as doing push-ups basing on a vertical wall. When you have got accustomed to these pressures, slowly change the slope to increase pressure with the arm and chest muscle. It is important that you do not rush,  but you must be patient, this process requires a lot of time.

12 push-ups for each round, 3 rounds for each practice are ideal numbers, but it is not easy for to do this immediately. The most important thing is not to feel discouraged when you do not achieve the desired results immediately, but keep practicing until success.

Simple doing push-ups does not help you lose weight

According to Erin Sundermann, a scientist and assistant professor at the University of California San Diego School Medicine said that doing push-ups is just a simple exercise and this exercise is not very effective in calorie burning as well as promoting circulation. Therefore, if you look forward to the weight loss effect of this method, you will encounter great frustration.

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