Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds are always considered precious medicines in oriental medicine. Because they not only are the ingredient to make many delicious dishes, but also the medicinal use of lotus seeds is also extremely wonderful. So let’s join Healthy24h to learn about this useful food!

lotus seed benefits


The origin and nutrients of lotus seeds

As the name suggests, lotus seed is a part of the lotus. Lotus is a kind of flower that lives in muddy ponds in rural areas in Vietnam. All parts of the lotus have certain uses in the treatment of diseases and lotus seeds are a dish as well as a drug that is more familiar to Vietnamese.

Lotus seeds contain a lot of protein, potassium, magnesium, sodium and other essential nutrients, but the cholesterol content is quite low. This makes lotus seeds a nutritious food for all ages.

With a sweet, rich fiber flavor without sugar, lotus seed has become a favorite dish of many people. In 100g lotus seeds can contain up to 18g of protein, 350 calories, 68 g of carbohydrate, but only about 2 grams of fat.

According to oriental medicine, lotus seeds have an anesthetic effect on the mind, cure common diseases such as picky eating, insomnia, diarrhea, dehydration, anti-aging and health promotion.

Healing benefits of lotus seeds

Cure insomnia, headache

In lotus seeds, they contain embryo nelumbinis, which is bitter green sprouts, but they contribute greatly to the treatment of insomnia and headaches of patients. Glucid substances or groups of vitamins B and C in lotus seeds also have the effect of improving migraine.

Reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular

Ingredient of bitter substance Alkaloids isoquinoline contained in lotus seeds have great support in the treatment of diseases of blood pressure and cardiovascular. They help to relax blood vessels and regulate blood pressure effectively. Thanks to the high sodium content in lotus seeds, it also helps you have a healthy heart with stable blood pressure.

Improve picky eating, treat digestive diseases

Lotus seeds contain a lot of nutrients, which help to strengthen the body, treat digestive diseases such as diarrhea, bloating and improve anorexia.

Eating a lot of lotus seeds will help you have a quicker appetite, more appetite during each meal. Thanks to the fiber of lotus seed, digesting food from the stomach to the intestine also becomes easier and more convenient.

Cure anemia and fight against debilitating disease for the body

Iron, magnesium and oxidizing substances in lotus seeds contribute to blood formation, preventing negative effects from free radicals and helping to strengthen the body.

In order to cure debilitating disease, as well as the above-mentioned cardiovascular disease or anemia, the lotus seeds porridge is often the most useful remedy. You need 30g of lotus seeds and 150g of glutinous rice, a little salt and cook them into porridge. Eating lotus seed porridge regularly will help to strengthen the health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Some applications of lotus seeds in life

Make some foods

The dishes made from lotus seeds are very popular and have great use in treating headaches and insomnia, including chicken stewed with lotus seed, bone stewed with lotus seeds, lotus seed porridge…

Make sweet soup or tea to drink

Sweet lotus seed- longan gruel is the most commonly used and the most delicious sweet soup in kinds of sweet lotus seed gruel. To make sweet lotus seed- longan gruel, it is quite simple, just need 100g fresh lotus seeds, 300g longan, 400g sand sugar.

Fresh or dried lotus seeds are used as snacks

Not only is it used to make medicine or make nutritious food, lotus seeds are also used by many people to make snacks daily.

Eating fresh or dried lotus seeds are all ways to turn this material into a tasty and nutritious snack. In particular, dried lotus seeds can be stored for a long time without fear of mold damage.

Notes when using lotus seeds

Lotus seeds have many uses for healing and health protection but if not used properly, serious consequences will be caused.

  • Do not use too much and continuously lotus seeds in cooking. Because besides being used to help to promote digestion, eating too much of lotus seeds in contrast causes indigestion and constipation.
  • Eating too much is not good because it has a very small part of alkaloids. A small amount of alkaloids is quite good for high blood pressure, but large amounts of bitterness will affect the body.
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