Headache Caused By Alcohol Prohibits Using Paracetamol

Most men after each drink have the same feeling of headache, fatigue. At the time, many people taking paracetamol, a kind of popular painkillers. However, a few people know that paracetamol is taboo

Headache after using alcohol has been scientifically explained clearly that  the ethanol in alcohol causes the body to increase urine output by inhibiting the anti-diuretic hormone, causing the dehydrated body, increased acetaldehyde,  lowered blood pressure because the blood vessels supplying for the brain is more extensive.

This phenomenon is often uncomfortable and especially affects the work of the next day so many people want to take paracetamol to reduce headache. However, headache caused by alcohol, it is absolutely unacceptable to use painkillers such as paracetamol (acetaminophen) because it will double the damage to the liver.

The liver is an orgen to filter poisons out of the body, so when drinking, the enzyme system in the liver cell will convert alcohol, convert alcohol through a series of chemical reactions to eventually produce CO2 and water. But, the ability of the liver is limited, if you drink too much, the liver must work too much, leading to liver diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis. In addition, painkiller component “paracetamol” can cause acute or chronic liver necrosis if abused.

For people who usually drink just take the usual dose can also damage the liver. So, when you have a headache due to alcohol or beer, you should seek other ways to relieve pain such as getting lots of water, especially lemonade to supplement vitamin C and electrolytes, oresol to limit the impact of alcohol on the nerves; vomiting to expel large amounts of alcohol and beer out of the body; eat porridge or hot soup to supplement sodium and potassium to help the body recover quickly.



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