Have You Used Digestive Enzymes Properly?

Digestive enzymes are drugs but are sold freely, without a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, many people who abuse easily lead to unfortunate consequences for health.

So how to use digestive enzymes to be effective and safe?

Digestive enzyme is the name of a product line that supports digestion. Digestive enzymes are completely different from probiotics, because probiotics are lyophilized biological bacteria, and digestive enzymes are true chemical compounds.(1)

In the body, digestive enzymes are secreted by the digestive glands. For example, salivary glands secrete amylase enzymes for digesting starch, stomach secreting pepsin for digesting protein, pancreas secreting amylase for digesting fat, gut secreting enzymes for digestion of protein, lactase enzyme secretion , galactose, cellulose… digest sugar, fiber. Some types of easily digestive enzymes on the market such as pepsin neopeptine, enzyplex, zymoplex, pancreatin, digelase, triase, panthiacone…(2)

Digestive Enzymes

Although digestive enzyme is a supplement to aid digestion, it is not so that we can abuse and prolong it. To take advantage of beneficial effects, we need to know how to use it properly.

Who should not use digestive enzymes?

  • People with Gastroesophageal reflux
  • People with stomach ulcers
  • People with pancreatitis

Although in these diseases, patients may have stools and diarrhea. The reason for not using digestive enzymes in these cases is because the body is in excess and activates too much endogenous enzyme. The body currently does not lack digestive enzymes, so the addition of digestive enzymes not only does not overcome the phenomenon of diarrhea but also makes the activity of these enzymes become excessive, destroying the whole digestive wall.  For patients with hyperacidity, gastric ulcer – duodenum, pancreatitis, additional digestive enzymes will be a factor that exacerbates the disease and causes more severe gastrointestinal ulcers.

Also to protect the health of the digestive system, you should not use digestive enzymes when you are hungry. Because when used on an empty stomach, the stomach is completely empty. The concentration of acid in the stomach will be the key to activate digestive enzymes in the product. These enzymes are activated in the absence of available food, they become irritated to the stomach lining, thus easily leading to ulcers.

Some cases of fecal or diarrhea with abdominal pain accompanied by bowel movements with blood or vomiting of blood, digestive disorders due to poisoning of chemical compounds or acid burns are also absolute stay away from this product.

When should you use digestive enzymes?

All people with digestive dysfunction can use digestive enzymes. Children are the first object because the child’s digestive system is incomplete and the amount of digestive enzymes that are normally secreted is not enough. So, in some specific cases, anorexia baby with malnutrition, constipation… we can use digestive enzymes.

In addition, the case of reduced digestive enzymes, patients suffering from acidosis, reduced acidosis in the stomach, patients with atrophic gastritis… It is useful to use digestive enzymes. If you are a person with gastrointestinal disturbances, a sluggish belly, long-term digestion, a little digestive enzyme may be beneficial.

Newly sick people, weak physical people are also subjects to use. These people, due to their weak physical health, are not fully digested by the digestive system. In the first few days, digestive enzymes should be used to help digestion be normal, to help the body recover quickly.

The maximum time to use is 2 weeks not to be used continuously. Because prolonged use of digestive enzymes does not only achieve the desired benefits, it also changes the function of the digestive organ in a very bad direction. During the survival process, the body always adjusts to maximize the necessary parts and gradually reduce unnecessary parts. The action of taking long-lasting digestive enzymes will immediately affect the organs and organs of yeast secretion, causing these organs to reduce digestive secretions and loss of function.

You should not use digestive enzymes before meals, should not use digestive enzymes after eating about 2 hours. It is best to take the same meal or immediately after eating.

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