7 Habits Causes You Wake Up Tired

You should quit these habits immediately when going to sleep if you want to have a good sleep.

Sleeping with pets

Many people like sleeping with their pets, but this is not a good thing. Firstly, animal’s sleeping patterns are different from how people sleep. Pets often sleep shorter and they often change position more often than humans. If you sleep with them, you can wake up at night. In addition, skin and fur of pet may affect health and sleep even if you are not allergic to animals.

Having a bath with hot water

Many people think that having a bath with hot water will help you to sleep better. But, having a bath with hot water can affect your sleep and skin tone as it stimulates blood flow to your skin. If you have a bath with hot water for more than 10 minutes, you will wash away the natural fat and the skin will be more vulnerable.

Feeling nervous

Worried feeling does not help you sleep well. If you enjoy watching news or arguing with someone online before going to sleep, you will not be able to sleep. Even harmless things can cause sleep problems: reading a scary book or feeling bored. You need to keep your mind calm and relaxed before going to sleep.

Taking medication

If you are afraid of being unable to sleep, you should only take sleeping pills. It is better to take other medicines during the day. Some antidepressants help you sleep well, but it keeps your mind alert. Pain medication also affects your sleep. If you have to take this medicine, ask your doctor the best time to take the medicine. Taking medication near the sleep time will cause sleep disturbances.

Using electronic devices

You should turn off the laptop and the phone because these devices emit light that is harmful to sleep. For a good sleep, stay away from electronic devices.

Participating in creative activities

If you draw, write, or play an instrument, the brain will be active. That’s reason why it’s hard to sleep and stay up late for art activities. It is the best way that you should avoid any brain related activities for about an hour before you go to sleep. You can read or meditate.

Having a short sleep in the evening

A short sleep as well as exercise activities helps you to sleep well if you choose the right time. For a good sleep at night, you can have a short sleep around 1-4 PM. And if you have a short sleep in the evening, you will have troubles in sleeping at night.

Getting too much water

Getting a little water before going to bed is good for the body. But if you drink too much water, you can wake up at night and have puffy eyes in the morning.

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