Great Benefits Of Vitamin K With Your Skin

It is indispensable with Vitamin K for women who want to have a beautiful skin. A diet rich in vitamin K or skin care products containing vitamin K is very important for a healthy skin.

Here are the benefits of vitamin K with your skin.

1. Helps to blur dark circles

The pressure of modern life along with the use of computers regularly causes the number of women with increasing dark circles in the eyes. Add a diet rich in vitamin K, dark circles will disappear quickly, instead of a bright and healthy eyes. Vitamin K is found in many green fruits and vegetables such as green cauliflower, avocado, spinach, kale, fresh radish, green peas, parsley, lettuce, cow liver…

Vitamin K blur dark circles benefits

2. Help the skin maintain its elasticity

Wrinkles and sagging skin are signs showing that your skin is losing its elasticity. The face is one of the early signs of rapid aging. The protein matrix on the skin maintains its elasticity, but with age your skin begins to lose protein. Vitamin K helps maintain the protein matrix and reduces the onset of wrinkles and sagging skin.

3. Eliminate skin problems

Vitamin K is proven to eliminate bruises, scars and stretch marks on the skin. Rosacea is a phenomenon of rash and redness skin. Surgery is the way doctors treat Rosacea. Vitamin K is also known to help to heal wounds and fight inflammation. Vitamin K can also improve the appearance of venous spider veins.

4. Handle blood clotting

One of the great benefits of vitamin K is to treat blood clots. Bruises appear because your skin is damaged and blood capillaries beneath are affected, causing blood clots. Over time, the surface of the skin will change to black, brown or blue and stay longer for a certain length of time. Vitamin K is the solution to overcome this condition. Apply a little vitamin K cream on the skin that this condition will decrease rapidly.

5. Recovery after surgery

In some types of surgery, doctors advise patients to add more vitamin K before and during surgery to enhance skin health. Foods rich in vitamin K include green broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables and herbs. The addition of vitamin K helps the skin recover quickly after surgery.

Vitamin K is good for the skin, it protects the skin from signs of aging, treats bruises and swells and enhances the brightness of the skin. Trans fats and fast foods reduce the vitamin K activity in the body and it is best to abstain from them.

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