Get Rid Of Neck And Shoulder Pain In 10 Seconds By Japanese Methods

The symptoms of neck and shoulder pain are quickly repaired by a small action with a towel.

Having a full day of work in the office without moving is one of the causes for many people with neck and shoulder pain, making you hard to move your head and neck. In addition, there are also many other factors leading to this condition, such as sleeping in the wrong posture, trauma, inappropriate use of pillows and cushions, excessive tension leading to long-term neurological dysfunction, muscle contraction due to sudden movement.

Neck and shoulder pain, neck stiffness causes many inadequacies in daily activities because it restricts movement, causing more pains for the patient. Therefore, if you encounter this situation, you quickly need to cut it off as soon as possible. There are many ways to overcome this situation, you can massage, take a hot bath or take painkillers. In addition, you can apply another method recommended by the Japanese doctors. It is pretty simple and effective, just use a towel.

This method is as follows

– Lie flat on the bed. Take a small curled towel and place it under the right shoulder. The right arm is perpendicular, the hand is upward. The left arm crosses the right shoulder.

– Relax your body, take a deep breath with your nose and exhale through your mouth. After 10 seconds, do the same with the left shoulder.

Do this movement several times a day, when you have free time, neck and shoulder pain will quickly disappear. This method has the best effective impacts when you do this is before you go to bed or in the morning after waking up.

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