Garlic For Cough Treatment: 100% Unexpected Effects

Cough treatment with garlic is a simple method that appeared many years ago. These natural cough treatments not only help to relieve cough quickly but are safe and can be used in both pregnant women and children. 

Why can garlic treat cough?

Before finding out how to cure cough with garlic, we can explain the effects of cough treatment with garlic.

Cough is a common occurrence when you have a bronchus that is cold, attacked by bacteria, causing pain or irritation to the throat.

The cough makes people sick, tired, and even cough for a long time seriously affects other parts of the body, typically the lungs.

garlic for cough treatment

Did you know? Garlic is a good natural remedies for cough treatment

A solution for us is that garlic is one of the great natural curing ingredients. Garlic has warm properties, so it is able to dehumidify moisture, avoid cold factors and eliminate the causes of cough in people.

In the chemical composition of garlic, there are substances such as calcium, iron, vitamin E, C, especially the active ingredient S-allyl cysteine ​​(SAC) that enhances immunity. Allicin is the most important ingredient that determines the effectiveness of cough treatment because it is extremely effective.(!)

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How to use garlic for cough treatment


Grilled garlic treat cough quickly

How to do: Use a garlic clove, grilled and crushed. Then mix with warm water.

You can use this mixture once a day, apply regularly until the cough is gone out. It is note that the amount of garlic can increase with age, if it is a child, you should use a half of garlic clove to be effective. When grilling garlic, do not let garlic burn. Tips for cough treatment with the grilled garlic are definitely effective. You can apply now.

How to cure cough with garlic and honey

Garlic and honey both have antibacterial effects, and honey also works to relieve burning pain, soothe the throat and provide vitamins and nutrients for the body. When these two ingredients are combined together, this will bring a greater effect in cough treatment.

How to do: Peel off a few cloves of garlic, then crush it, put it in a bowl and add some honey. This mixture is steamed for about 15 minutes, let cool and then drink. Each time you drink about 2 tablespoons, 3 times/day, after 2 days, the coughs will decrease significantly.

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How to cure cough with garlic and salt

Sea salt is known for its antiseptic effect, killing harmful bacteria that reside in the throat. When combining garlic and sea salt will help to treat dry cough, productive cough effectively.

How to do: Crush a few cloves of garlic and mix with some sea salt seeds, add a little water and steam for 15 – 30 minutes, then filter this mixture to get the garlic salt water. You can swallow a little bit of this mixture water, do it continuously after a few days, the cough is reduced, your throat is also clearer and cooler.

It is noted that this method should not be used to treat coughs for children.

garlic for cough

How to cure cough with garlic and milk 

Allicin in garlic produces a characteristic garlic odor, many people may not like this smell, especially when applying cough treatments using raw garlic. If so, please try curing cough with garlic combined with milk.

How to do: Garlic is crushed, the milk is heated. Then add garlic to a cup of milk, let it cool down, drink milk when it is warm.

You should drink this mixture slowly so that this garlic -milk mixture cleans your throat, helps to reduce coughs and remove sputum effectively.

Garlic tea

Take about 10 garlic cloves, soak them in a glass of water; then add enough sugar, add hot water like tea. After about 15 minutes you can use this tea. You should use this once a day. If you cough a lot, use this tea 2 times a day. This is a very effective way to treat cough and sputum.

Hopefully, for different ways to treat coughs with garlic; you will find an useful way to suit you, thoroughly treat the coughs. Wish you healthy soon!

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