Foods You Should Not Eat When Coughing

If you have a bad cough, your cough will not last long, the main reason is that you are choosing the wrong food

According to experts, people with a dry cough, cough with long sputum should abstain from the following foods:

1. Cold and spicy foods

The foods are too cold, spicy and hot to stimulate the nasopharynx, causing cough symptoms more severe. For children with cough irritation, they absolutely do not drink carbonated beverages, causing long-lasting coughing. Children should not eat spicy, because when this food cause irritation, then cough will be very easy to choke and dangerous for children.

2. Shrimp, crab (seafood)

should not eat when coughing

Prawns and crabs are not recommended for coughs. Because the respiratory system is easily stimulated by the shell of seafood. In particular, many people are allergic to protein in shrimp, crabs, causing coughing irritation.

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3. The food is too salty or too sweet

The foods that are too salty or too sweet do not relate to coughing. However, eating too much fatty, sweet, salty foods will cause the body to become hot, making the symptoms of cough worse.

4. Fried foods

Fried foods are not recommended for people who are coughing. Fried food can increase the burden on the stomach, making the work of digestion worse, so that the sputum increased more and the disease will be longer.

In addition, do not eat the following foods when you have cough: egg yolks, chicken, potato chips… These foods are difficult to swallow and can make coughing worse.

To treat cough quickly, you should preferably eat the following foods:

Liquid food, easy to swallow

When you have a cough, it is easy to cause dry feeling, sore throat. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare soft foods such as soups, porridge (chicken soup), boiled vegetables … to prevent damage to the throat.

Foods rich in vitamins A, C

Vegetables are green, red like orange, lemon, grapefruit, cauliflower, sweet potato; Foods rich in zinc such as clams, oysters, white radish. They not only help cough reduction but also strengthen the immune system and improve the health of the body against the disease better.

Eat lots of garlic, onion

These are foods that have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral. They are very effective natural antibiotics to treat cough, sore throat.

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