Foods With Low Glycemic Index For Diabetics

In order to control blood glucose successfully, in addition to medication, diet should be maintained, but nutrition must be guaranteed. Therefore, diabetics should know how to determine the glycemic index of food, so that they know how to keep or remove that food in your daily diet.

The foods mentioned in this article help to stabilize blood sugar safely for people with diabetes.

low gi foods

How should diabetics choose food?

Diabetes patients should choose low glycemic index (GI) foods. This is an indicator used to reflect the rate at which blood sugar is increased after the carbohydrate is added to the body. GI is often used to help people with diabetes control their blood glucose levels. The GI of a food are classified into three categories: low, medium and high.

Foods with a high GI (from 70 and above) can mean to increase high blood glucose levels, average GI ranging from 56 to 69, and low GI (≤ 55) is foods that slowly increase blood glucose levels. Regularly, it also slows down, so maintaining a stable energy source is very beneficial to the health of people with diabetes.

Foods that help to stabilize blood sugar

Grapefruit (GI – 25): This is the No. 1 fruit of vitamin C. In grapefruit contains enzymes to help to absorb sugar, thereby reducing the amount of fat stored in metabolic sugar.

Fresh milk (GI – 40): Drink 1 cup of milk will inhibit the activity of the enzyme into cholesterol, thus limiting cholesterol production.

Soy milk (GI – 43): These are the amino acids that maintain and strengthen the immune system and reduce the amount of cholesterol and blood glucose.

Apricots juice (GI – 57): Apricots juice contains ingredients that help to accelerate oxygen metabolism, slowing down the aging process and accelerating the recovery of cells.

Apricots juice for diabetics

Tomatoes (GI – 30): Tomatoes not only help to stabilize blood sugar, but also help you lose weight effectively.

Apple Juice (GI – 15): In apples contain pectin soluble fiber, helping to retain water and cleanse the intestines, facilitate digestion and keep balance of micro-organism in the intestinal tract and decrease cholesterol levels in the body.

Fresh orange (GI – 43): Orange is rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, citric carotene, hesperidin, fiber… both good for the metabolism of the intestine and helping to reduce the accumulation of toxins , which helps to lose weight effectively.

Peaches (GI-50): Peaches is rich in fiber that helps to improve digestion and gastrointestinal activities more effectively. It also suppresses fat absorption and helps to prevent weight gain.

Oatmeal (GI – 50): Having a low GI is good for controlling the blood glucose index of diabetics, oatmeal also provides large amounts of protein and fiber, boosting the digestive system better.

Kiwi (GI – 50): A green kiwi contains 4 grams of fiber and plenty of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your body and are very safe for controlling your blood glucose.

Bananas (GI – 55): Bananas not only contribute to fat burning, but also prevent the absorption of carbohydrates into the body, helping to metabolize at a faster rate.

The above is the foods that help to stabilize the blood glucose index. Remember to prepare equipment for blood glucose measurement and checked after eating a strange food to ensure glycemic control are more effective.

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