4 Foods To Gain Weight Quickly At Night

Eating at night is one of the methods the thin people using to gain weight effectively. Eating at night provides energy for the body.

There are many people who like to have something to eat before going to bed. However, there are also people who never eat anything during the night. Even so, no one can deny the role of night meals, especially for thin people.

eating night gain weight

Eating at night to help for weight gain?

Sipping a dish that suits your taste before going to bed is one of the advices that experts recommend about weight gain solutions. It is because in addition to the daily effective weight gain menu, we cannot deny the important role of eating at night to help to gain weight for lean people.

Normally, people who want to gain weight must sleep at least 8 hours a day, during this time, you will feel hungry. So eating at night will help you not feel hungry and at the same time this provide essential energy for your body.

Moreover, for some people who eat at night will feel less hungry so they get better sleep, much deeper sleep than they do not eat at night.

In particular, for people who are skinny, eating at night will contribute to increasing body weight as you desire. Because eating night will add calories, energy, helping you achieve your weight gain goals.

4 foods for weight gain at night


1. Cereals

This is a dish that most people want to gain weight to use because starch and calories in cereals are very large. In addition, cereal powder is also made with natural oils and sugar, so calories are higher than normal. Drinking a glass of cereal powder before going to bed every day will help you gain weight quickly.

eating cereals at night

2. Rolled sushi

This is a delicious food for skinny people who want to gain weight at night. Rolled sushi is made from vegetables& seaweed  and contains starch from rice, so it is suitable for people who gain weight. Moreover, it is easy to process this dish and suites the taste of many people, so you can comfortably eat without worrying anything.


3. Cupcake

It can be said that a plate of cupcake made with a lot of butter, sugar, and fat will be the ideal dish for your midnight snack. Eating cupcake will help to add 300 to 400 calories each day, helping you with excess energy and have the opportunity to gain weight faster.

eating cupcake at night

4. Salad

Salad is a very popular dish every day, potato salads or salads with mayonnaise will contain more calories. In particular, the fats in salads are very beneficial for the body because it helps to absorb nutrients more easily and gain weight more effectively.

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