Five Health Problems Of Gettings Dark Circles Under Eyes

Irregular menstruation

Girls should pay close attention if there are any dark circles under the eyes for a long time. It is because it can be a warning sign of your body with a hormonal disorder or irregular menstruation.

In the “menstruation period”, when you see that the menstrual discharge is too much, or it is quite sensitive for anyone having the phenomenon of uterine bleeding to get dark circles under the eyes. At this time, you should regulate your menstruation under the guidance of a specialist to gradually return to a stable state, so these dark circles under your eyes will also quickly disappear.

The kidneys are poorly functioning

Some kidney diseases such as glomerulonephritis, kidney stones … can be signals through the dark circles of patients. This status is due to weak kidney function in your body, over time it also spread to other skin areas. As soon as you face with the dark circles under your eyes for a long time, you should actively do some tests about urine, renal ultrasound to determine what the body is suffering from, so you can define the direction of treatment properly.


Because the iron concentration in the body is too low, the dark circles under the eyes will appear. On the other hand, anemia also causes lack of oxygen supplying for the body. Therefore, you should change diet by adding more green leafy vegetables rich in iron such as spinach, broccoli, kaleā€¦to increase iron for the body.

When liver function is not working normally for a long time, dark circles under the eyes will appear longer, sometimes it can also be a sign of chronic liver disease.

To overcome this problem, you need to reduce the pressure on the liver, as well as replenish the nutrients to restore damaged liver cells and restore the functioning of the liver.

Nasal allergy

If you wake up and you have a sneeze or runny nose for a long time, the veins below your eyes will be affected, resulting in dark circles under the eyes. In particular, when your nose is too sensitive, or susceptible to inflammation, allergy, it is impossible to appear dark circles under the eyes.

For people with frequent allergic rhinitis, it is important to avoid exposure to dark smoke, and it is necessary for them to care their health not to get cold, so it is easy to stimulate the windpipe to sneeze in the early morning and late evening.

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