First Sex Does Not Bleed In Women: Here Are Causes

You may be surprised to learn that at least 63% of women in the first sex do not bleed, according to a study of British Medical Journal.

It is difficult to describe what virginity of women is because it is a concept developed by society, not a medical term. That concept can vary greatly depending on the person. However, most people, even men and women, think bleeding is a sign of virginity.

There are many couples who have sex for the first time but not bleeding make the  men confused, to “blame” for his girlfriend that she had sex before. So to justify her, let us refer to the article below to understand why the first sex does not bleed and its causes.

The secret of the “hymen” of women

In Asian folklore, hymen is often associated with virginity. Girls having first sex, but not bleeding will be concluded that they are no virgin, naughty or easy. And that makes the word “hymen” become obsessive in the minds of young girls.

However, this concept is not entirely correct. Today, along with modern scientific evidences, this can be explained why some women having the first-time sex bleed but some do not. First of all, we need to understand what the hymen of a woman is.

What is a hymen?

Hymen is a thin film that appears 2 cm from the vaginal opening due to thin tissue covering the vagina. People often mistaken the hymen covering the entire vagina of women.

Just like every woman has a different height and weight, the hymen is the same, each one has a hymen of different sizes and shapes. Some women have very thick hymen, others are very thin, and even girls who are born have no hymen.

Feelings of pain in the first sex

Women who are bleeding during the first sexual intercourse include:

  • Women with thick hymen: account for a small proportion of the majority of women.
  • Young women: Because the hymen is worn out over time, an 18-year-old girl is more likely to have a bleeding problem than a 25-year-old girl. Almost the hymen will self-erode, so even a young girl may have hymen or no hymen, it means that they will not bleed during the first sexual intercourse.

Usually, women who bleeding during their first sex are likely to be sexually abused. If a man tries to “get in the vagina” while that girl is not ready, stressful or agitated, it is easy to injure or bleed.

People often think that women bleeding in the first sex is normal, but they do not know that it is the result of the hurt that women suffer. The pain in the first sex is not because the hymen is destroyed, but due to the injury.

Causes of first sex, but not bleeding

first sex but not bleeding

So what causes does the first sex, but not bleeding come from? Maybe, it is from lost virginity? There are many reasons for having a first sex, but not bleeding, in which you can refer to some of the common causes:

  1. The hymen is too thin: For girls with thin hymen, it is not possible to cover the entire vagina, which will not interfere with the first sex. So, when having the first sex, only a bit of blood and usually lies in the vagina, so you cannot see blood.
  2. Good hymenal contraction: This is also a common cause of first-sex non-bleeding, because when the vagina of that girl has good elasticity, when having sex, the membrane is only pressed to the side, not torn, so it does not bleed.
  3. Hymen has been lost, but not known: As an adult, the hymen may be prone to tearing due to external factors such as intense movement, traffic accidents, masturbation, playing sports such as horse racing, biking, dancing and even the use of tampons for your menstruation. Especially, girls with thin hymen, they will tend to wear on their own when growing up.
  4. Women born without hymen: In cases a woman was born without hymen, there is no bleeding during the first sex. Thus, a study by the British Medical Journal found that at least 63% of first-time sex did not bleed and 37% has bleeding during their first sexual intercourse.

Many women who do not show signs of bleeding during their first sex have been suspected of leading to divorce, domestic violence and even murder because of the hymen attached to women’s honor. People need to know and understand that a girl does not necessarily have to bleed when having sex for the first time. Trust your partner, not for a hymen that will affect your future life.

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