Dangerous Side Effects Of Eating Too Many Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds contain a lot of magnesium, a mineral that helps to strengthen bone structure, giving the body a strong skeleton. Along with calcium, magnesium is also an essential mineral for the body’s skeletal system.┬áIf you eat too many sunflower seeds, you may encounter some side effects. The most dangerous is brain atrophy.

In addition, vitamin E is active as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Eating sunflower seeds can relieve symptoms of arthritis, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

The fatty acids in the sunflower seeds create collagen and elastin, have antibacterial effects, helping the skin stay smooth, and bright. So eating sunflower seeds can improve the appearance of acne, or you can apply the oil extracted from this seed to treat acne.

However, if you eat too many sunflower seeds, you may encounter some side effects. The most dangerous is brain atrophy.

Side effects of sunflower seeds

eating too many sunflower seeds

According to recent studies, sunflower seeds are very harmful. They have the ability to disturb kidney activity, destroy tooth enamel and cause heartburn .

Weight gain

First of all, because of the high content of fat, sunflower seeds provide a significant amount of calories. 100g sunflower seeds contain 500 calories, equivalent to one chocolate cake. So, sunflower seeds can cause gain weight.

Dangerous for the nervous system and kidneys

During growth, sunflower seeds are obtained from all the trace elements in it, of which cadmium elements are harmful to health with high levels. If sipping sunflower seeds has become a habit, it can lead to the destruction of the nervous system and kidneys, which is the main factor that cadmium has just been said.

Destroy tooth enamel

Also sunflower seeds are enemies of teeth. They destroy tooth enamel and form tartar, which dentists recommend that we take it periodically to avoid periodontal disease leading to many other diseases.

In sunflower seeds as well as other nuts such as cashew nuts, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds … all have skin allergens. Therefore, when eating, people who have allergic background, avoid nuts such as sunflower.

Affect reproductive function

This is a dangerous side effect of sunflower seed. Sunflower seeds contain a lot of proteins and inhibitory components of the testes, which can cause testicular atrophy, affecting normal reproductive function of men and women.

Sunflower seeds also affect ligamentum vocale, which can make you hoarse and lose your voice. Nutritionists added that sunflower seeds also cause acidosis, heartburn (pyrosis) and an increased risk of appendicitis.

Eating too many sunflower seeds can cause such harms. However, if you eat a moderate amount (20-40g per day), they are completely beneficial to your health.



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