Eating Too Many Carrots: 5 Side Effects

Though carrots are the food containing essential minerals for the human body, if you eat too many carrots, it can be counterproductive and cause harmful effects.

eating too many carrots effects

How dangerous when eating too many carrots?

Carrots are rich in nutrients, protid, lipid, glucide and fiber, many trace elements and vitamins, in which carotene content is the highest (in 100g carrots there are 3,62mg carotene). The proper addition of carrots is able to regulate the physiology of the body, strengthen the body, increase immunity, actively prevent diseases due to lack of vitamin A, high blood pressure, cardiovascular, especially Has an anti-aging effect on the body.

However, if you eat too many carrots, you may encounter some of the following troubles.

1. Cause jaundice

The amount of beta carotene in carrots offers a lot of benefits to the body, such as the ability to prevent cancer. However, if you eat too many carrots, carotene will cause the skin to turn yellow due to poisoning of the liver.

2. Inhibit ovulation

Research shows that women who eat too many carrots, tolerating in large amounts of carotenoids can cause amenorrhea and inhibit ovulation, reducing normal ovarian function.

3. Cause constipation

The fiber contained in carrots is in insoluble form, so if eating too many carrots without drinking enough water will cause them to clog in the intestines and cause constipation.

4. Cause poisoning

If you eat a lot of carrots, the amount of sodium in your body will transform the hemoglobin in carrots into methemolobine in large quantities. When the amount of methemolobine in the body produces too much, the body cannot handle it promptly, it will cause poisoning, even death if not treated promptly.

How many carrots should you eat in a week?

Therefore, it is better to eat the right dose. The most appropriate dose on average should only eat 2-3 carrots per week. Eat about 100g/time for adults and 50g/time for children.

Carrot juice should only be taken 2-3 times a week.

Other notes when eating carrots

Do not eat when constipated

According to experts, carrots work effectively when diarrhea occurs, especially when children have diarrhea if they eat carrot porridge, drink carrot juice will be effective. The fiber is plentiful but in insoluble form, if eating too many carrots without drinking enough water will clog the intestine and cause constipation.

Do not eat raw carrots

According to scientific studies, carrots are cooked, the amount of carontene absorbed into the body when eaten better than raw carrots. Besides, because of the hard cell wall, carrots, if not cooked, will be difficult to release all the nutrients inside, especially vitamin A precursors.

Besides, many grandmothers have a habit of stewing carrots with other dishes. It is not good because inherently in carrots have a lot of nitrates, when cooking carrots too long and too carefully, this will accelerate the process of turning into nitri a toxic substance. If nitri is in the body, if it is less harmful to health, it can be especially dangerous for children under 6 months of age.

Do not peel off the skin, scrape it when eating

Many people have a habit of peeling carrots or scraping them when cooking. However, most of the nutrients in carrots lie on the outer shell, so the outer shell should be shaved, not peeled off to keep the maximum of vitamins and salts contained in carrots.

In addition, do not shred it before cooking, because if you chop it, it will make 50% of the soluble protein and carbohydrate disappears.

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