The Unexpected Impacts Of Eating Too Many Apples

Apples are one of the most nutritious fruits, but surprisingly, eating more apples does not help to add more nutrients to the body. In contrast, it also causes you to have some unwanted diseases.

eating too many apple

Increase blood sugar

Apples are a good source of carbohydrates, fiber and other nutrients. However, eating too many apples prevents the body to burn off excess fat. Too much carbohydrate is not good for people who want to lose weight. For a medium sized apple, it contains 25 carbohydrates, but only 5g fiber. This side effect of apples will increase blood glucose levels even though the rate of growth is not fast.

Weight gain

Apples are considered healthy fruits but also contain high calories and sugar. An average apple contains 90-95 calories. If you eat 5 apples per day, the amount of calories you eat in a week is up to 3500 calories. That is not to mention you eat a lot of other foods within a week. Then, ask why you do not gain weight? For those who are in weight loss mode, apples should be blacklisted.

Heart-related diseases

Like many other fruits, apples contain lots of fructose. Unlike glucose is absorbed into the body and provides energy to all cells, fructose is only used in the liver. Here, it produces a type of fat called triglycerides that can lead to cardiovascular disease. Eating too many apples causes excess fructose in the body, causing some health problems like diabetes and obesity.

Harms from apple seeds

Apples have many benefits as long as when you eat apples you have to remove all the seeds. Apple seeds are toxic because they contain cyanide. If you eat apples regularly, but you do not remove its seeds, this can produce cyanide in the stomach. Research shows that eating a cup of apple seeds can even lead to death.

Cause allergy

If some people are allergic to plums, peaches, apricots, almonds and strawberries, they are more likely to be allergic to apples. The advice for them is to consult doctor’s advices before using.

Cause diarrhea

Apple juice is considered to be a health drink, but if taken too much, this can lead to diarrhea. In addition, dieters who drink apple juice often suffer from headaches, dizziness, fatigue. Apple juice contains a chemical sugar called sorbitol, which can lead to the formation of calcium oxalate in the body.

eating too many apple is bad for health

Eating too many apples can cause diarrhea.

Weaken the enamel

Cider is good for health, but large doses can cause many side effects such as tooth enamel depletion. To limit this problem, you can dilute cider to reduce acidity or use a straw to avoid contact with the teeth. Rinse your mouth after drinking with cider to get rid of the acid on your teeth.

Cause osteoporosis

Drinking lots of cider can lead to a decrease in potassium levels in the blood and a negative effect on the firmness of the bone. People who have osteoporosis or take potassium supplements should avoid using cider.

Skin discoloration

Your skin and throat will not be healthy if you regularly use apple cider vinegar. By diluting the apple cider vinegar solution, you can protect the skin under the effects of vinegar acid.

Tips to eat apples properly, good for health

  1. Do not eat apples together with seafood
  2. Do not eat apples when you are hungry
  3. Do not eat apples immediately after a meal
  4. Do not bite the apple seeds
  5. Do not eat more than 5 apples a day
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