The Harmful Effects Of Eating Too Fast

Many people have the habit of eating at the same time watching TV, reading books, or eating too fast, which cannot fix. So how bad is eating too fast? How to eat slowly?

Eating too fast is bad for your health

eating too fast harmful effects

First of all, when chewing, salivary glands begin to function, the body is informed to provide food and more time to prepare for the digestive process, if you eat too quickly, the food is not crushed or not really small, when it takes to the stomach, this takes more time to digest food, increasing the burden on the stomach.

If eating too fast for a long time can cause stomach pain and make the taste nerves remain in a state of excitement, affecting the taste. On the other hand, when eating too fast, swallowing in a hurry makes food difficult to move over the digestive tract, not absorbed necessary nutrients and increases feelings of cumbersome or bloating after eating.

Eating too fast increases the risk of obesity because the body will stop hormone secretion to notify the brain when the stomach is full. Full feeling in the stomach takes 20 minutes to be fully informed to the brain.

If you eat too fast, it is very likely that you will eat more food than you need before you realize that you are full, then you are too full to control the amount of food in the body.

This is also a consequence of many diseases due to the amount of food in the body constantly causing the body not to handle in time, causing fatty deposits, sugar … thereby affecting the regulation of insulin and consequent is an increased risk of diabetes.

Eating too fast can cause choking, causing heartburn, making the stomach upset and many other illnesses. In addition, for some foods that are high in fat or hardness, the stomach cannot crush them, thus affecting the digestion of food.

This not only wastes nutrients in food but also causes stomach pain.

Therefore, in order to have a healthy digestive system, it is necessary to eat slowly to chew food so that it will be smaller, increase the contact area of ​​food, help the food to be thoroughly digested.

The nutrients are better absorbed and the stomach also works less hard. From chewing on food carefully, you can save on food every day, while saving money, reducing the burden on the stomach, while still ensuring enough energy. 

How to eat slowly

If you find it difficult to control your eating habits, follow these tips to help you eat slowly:

  • Use chopsticks to pick up food
  • Sit upright
  • Slow and deep breathing when eating
  • Focus only on eating, removing distress
  • Spend your own space just for eating
  • Self-cooking to improve the quality of meals.
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