Eating Sweet Potatoes During Pregnancy: Surprising Benefits

Eating sweet potatoes during pregnancy can bring many health benefits for both women and baby. However, you should only eat at a moderate level, if you eat too much, you will encounter many unexpected risks.

High in fiber, vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes are an indispensable nutritional product in the daily menu. However, with the pregnant mother, eating sweet potatoes is really good? How pregnant women eat sweet potatoes to take advantage of the benefits? Find out now!

Should pregnant women eat sweet potatoes?

In addition to a scientific lifestyle, nutrition for pregnant women also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to prioritize the best food for health. And sweet potatoes are the perfect choice of pregnant mothers.

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and many other important nutrients such as zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, vitamin C, B1… Compared to many other foods, the nutritional value of sweet potatoes is particularly high. Women pregnant who eat sweet potatoes every day is a great way to replenish nutrients.

Benefits of sweet potatoes for pregnant women

Eating sweet potatoes during pregnancy, the mothers will have following benefits.

sweet potatoes for pregnancy

Prevent constipation effectively

Constipation is a symptom of unpleasant pregnancy which causes a lot of trouble for mothers during 9 months. Sweet potatoes have a large amount of fiber, amino acids that help to stimulate the digestive system to work better, thus aiding digestion and preventing constipation effectively.

Increase resistance

The resistance deteriorates so during pregnancy, pregnant mothers are very susceptible to diseases related to weather and climate change, especially the flu.

Flu during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months, can adversely affect the development of the fetus. Thanks to the abundance of vitamin C, pregnant women who eat sweet potatoes can help to prevent the flu effectively.

Moreover, iron, vitamin D and many other nutrients in sweet potatoes also contribute to strengthening resistance, protecting the body from the attack of pathogenic bacteria.

Prevent diabetes

Although sweet-tasting, sweet potatoes are still the perfect choice for pregnant women with gestational diabetes, because sweet potatoes are not directly converted into blood sugar. According to a study published in the American Journal of Nutrition, eating a moderate amount of sweet potatoes also helps to prevent diabetes.

Prevent morning sickness

Vitamin B6 has just played an important role in the process of blood cell formation and has the effect of preventing morning sickness. Experts recommend that pregnant women need 1.9mg of vitamin B6 daily. On average, 1 cup of cooked potatoes contains about 0.6 mg of vitamin B6, meeting 1/3 of the mother’s daily needs.

Control weight effectively

Thanks to the abundance of fiber, women pregnant that eat sweet potatoes will feel fuller, thereby limiting the amount of food they eat. Avoid overeating.

Good for the fetal brain

In addition to eggs and meat, sweet potatoes are one of the most abundant sources of choline. Choline plays an important role in fetal brain development, directly affecting the memory and learning area. Furthermore, increasing choline during pregnancy also reduces the risk of fetal malformations.

What notes do pregnant mothers eat sweet potatoes?

Do not eat too much

The content of vitamin A in sweet potatoes is quite high. On average, 1 cup of sweet potatoes is cooked, even about 400gr can provide about 1.992 mg of vitamin A, 3 times more than the daily requirement of mother’s vitamin A. Excess vitamin A can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal malformations … To ensure, pregnant mothers should only eat a moderate amount of sweet potatoes, should not eat too much.

Do not eat raw sweet potatoes

Membrane of the outer layer of sweet potatoes if not cooked can lead to negative effects on the digestive system: flatulence, heartburn, nausea.

Do not eat with pickles, pickled radish

Protein content in sweet potatoes if combined with sour foods such as pickled radish will produce acid, causing stomach discomfort.

Do not eat at noon

Calcium in sweet potatoes needs 4-5 hours to absorb into the body. So if the mother elected to eat sweet potatoes at noon, the amount of calcium would be absorbed completely before dinner, without affecting the absorption of calcium from other foods.




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