Eating Sapodilla During Pregnancy: Surprising Benefits

You can eat sapodilla in pregnancy, but please pay attention to some important issues, if not, this can harm the fetus. Sapodilla can be processed into a smoothie, familiar dessert for many people.

Can you eat sapodilla in pregnancy?

Eating sapodilla during pregnancy only good for the body but also bring many benefits to the fetus. Sapodilla is rich in nutrients and is considered one of the “super foods” suitable for pregnant women. Sapodilla contains many vitamins, minerals, energy and antioxidants necessary for pregnant women.

The benefits of sapodilla for pregnant women

sapodilla during pregnancy

Instantly add energy

The high glucose content in sapodilla provides the body with sugar for a few minutes.

That is why this fruit is great for people who need energy supplements like pregnant women, developing children, athletes.In addition, with high levels of carbohydrates and essential nutrients, sapodilla has many benefits for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. 

Cure constipation

Sapodilla has some benefits of constipation and poor eating treatment: People with constipation eat some ripe sapodilla (two meals a day, two sapodilla each meal). Only a few days will disappear the constipation.

You can eat 3 to 5 sapodilla a day.

Cure diarrhea

Cure diarrhea, digestive disorders: Sapodilla is still green with its 15 – 20g, 200ml water, boil until remain 100ml, divide into two drinks a day. Drink after meal for 15 minutes. Drink 3-5 days.

Anti inflammatory, prevent bacteria

The level of tannin in sapodilla is considered a great anti-inflammatory. Besides the ability to prevent diseases such as esophagitis, bowel inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis, tannin also reduces swelling and pain.

The polyphenol antioxidants found in this fruit help the body fight the invasion of viruses, parasites and antibacterial.

Vitamin C prevents free radicals harmful to the body. Iron, folate, niacin and pantothenic help the digestive system function well.

Cure cough and cold

When catching a cough, cold or respiratory disease, pregnant mothers do not forget sapodilla. This fruit will help to remove mucus and sputum in the nose and respiratory tract, thereby reducing cough and cold.

Reduce swelling

It is also an effective diuretic, which helps pregnant mothers remove wastes from the body by frequent urination.

It also helps to maintain the body’s water levels, prevent fluid retention in the body, leading to edema.

In addition, sapodilla prevents urinary tract infections, one of the most common conditions that can cause complications such as premature birth, miscarriage, neonatal sepsis.


Eating sapodilla during pregnancy help diuretic, discard the toxins and excess residues. The body of the pregnant woman soon returns to the equilibrium with only the a sapodilla in a snack.

Regulating blood pressure

During pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to sudden changes in blood pressure. Sapodilla are rich in magnesium and calcium, two elements play an important role in blood pressure regulation in pregnant women.

Notes when eat sapodilla in pregnancy

Nowadays, there are many fruits that are dyed, dyed chemicals for freshness and look better. The nomal eyes are difficult to see, distinguish the fruit soaked chemicals.

Buyers prefer to choose fresh, tasty fruits with smooth shells, while most of these fruits are treated with anti-rot.

Pregnant women should be careful not to buy medicated sapodilla because this is a toxin, when accumulated in the human body is likely to damage the liver and kidney, causing skin cancer, bladder cancer…

Absolutely do not eat green sapodilla because the plastic in sapodilla when it is green is not good for pregnant women.

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