Eating Mango With These Ways Can Destroy Your Body

Mango is a fruit that many people love, but if you make some mistakes when eating mango, this will harm your health.

Here are some mistakes when eating mango, you should avoid not harming to your health:

Eat mango when you are hungry

Absolutely, do not eat mango when you are hungry, even the mango are ripe because they are still sour, can damage the stomach. The sour taste of this fruit will stimulate the stomach to increase appetite and risk of intestinal disease. Moreover, it is easy to risk being drunk, temporarily poisoned when used in the hungry status.

Eat mango which it is too ripe

In fact, you do not eat mango which is too ripe because it may not get the amount of vitamin C needed for the body.

Eat plenty of mangoes at once

Do not eat too many mangos at a time, especially people who are hot in the area, chalky, overweight, obesity, diabetes mellitus … they should avoid eating mangoes.

Eat plenty of mangoes at once

People with allergies

For people who are allergic to urushiol, exposure to mango is very allergic. The manifestation of mild mango allergy may be itching around the mouth and on the lips, burning tongue, dry eyes, urticaria. Severe signs include abdominal pain, swollen lips, shortness of breath.

People with diabetes

Ripe mango contains many sugars. This is not good for people with diabetes. In addition, because blood sugar in mango will promote high bacteria in the skin, so it is easy to cause skin diseases such as boils.

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People with asthma

Mangoes contain potassium and allergenic ingredients. People with asthma should not eat mangoes because it can cause allergies, which makes recurrent illness, even dangerous for patients.

People with skin diseases

High sugar content in ripe mango will make the condition worse. In addition, people with rash, itching, sores should also limit mango.

How many mangoes are enough?

Mangoes are often eaten directly, not through cooking to maintain high levels of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, eating a lot of mangoes is not good for health, especially people who have to diet such as overweight, obesity, diabetes mellitus, rash…

According to experts, it is best to eat 200-250g per day for the mango season, which is the best way to supply enough vitamins, fiber and minerals for the body.

Ripe mango or unripe mango is better?

Ripe mango or unripe mango is better

Ripe mango or unripe mango are both nutritious and good for health. Both are high in vitamin C, however, the amount of vitamin C is reduced in the ripe fruit. Therefore, if you want to supplement vitamin C, it is best to eat unripe mango.

As for ripe mangoes, they do not cause weight gain as many people mistake. Essentially, this fruit when being ripe can help to lose weight naturally. In addition, ripe mangoes contain antioxidants, which may help to prevent cancer. The mango also contains beta-carotene and lycopene, the organic pigment found in plants, which helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

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