6 Reasons To Add Cereals To Diet For Pregnant Woman

Cereals are one of the good foods for pregnant women recommended by many experts. However, what benefits cereals bringing for pregnant women are not well understood by everyone.

Pregnancy is a time when you need to be much more careful in eating and living. You will get lots of advice about what to eat and what not to eat during this time. Grains are one of the most recommended health foods for pregnant women.

eating cereals during pregnancy

Benefits of cereals for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the only rule you need to remember when building a diet is to choose foods that are important for your health and your baby’s overall development. Cereals are one of the foods that you should add to the diet because cereals contain:

1. High fiber content

Every day you need to supplement about 28g of fiber to prevent constipation – a very common problem in pregnancy.

2. High folic acid content

This is a gold nutrient that protects the fetus from the risk of neural tube defects. Not only that, experts also recommend pregnant women should take adequate folic acid, especially in the first 3 months to prevent the risk of premature birth, fetal malnutrition and psychiatric disorders after birth.

3. High carbohydrate content

Helps to provide energy for pregnant women.

4. Rich in vitamins and minerals

During pregnancy, your body will need to supplement these nutrients, especially substances like iron, calcium…

5. Avoid weight gain during pregnancy

Because of high nutrient content, when eating cereals, you will have a long feeling of fullness, limiting the habit of snacking. In addition, cereal is also one of the healthy snacks. You just need to eat cereal with fruit or milk, it is already able to cope with hunger quickly.

6. Good for the skin

In cereals contains a large amount of vitamin E, helps the skin of the pregnant woman become shiny, smooth, ruddy, avoid cracking, rough, dry on the tips hands, toes.

In addition, cereals also contain a lot of vegetable fat, which is good for pregnant women.

Kinds of cereal for pregnant women

When choosing cereals, you should choose those that are not yet seasoned with spices to avoid eating grains that contain too much sugar and salt, which are not good for your body.

In addition, before buying, you should also look at the ingredients on the product packaging to avoid buying those containing preservatives, which may harm an unborn baby. Some good cereals for pregnant women that you might consider using:

  • Oats: This is one of the grains good for the digestive system as well as the nervous system of the pregnant woman. In addition, this cereal has the effect of stimulating appetite and bringing in many healthy nutrients for mother and baby such as iron, folic acid…
  • Corn: This is a high-calorie cereal and rich in fiber, which helps to prevent constipation. In particular, the abundance of vitamin A in corn also helps to improve the immune system and support the healthy development of the fetus.
  • Sweet potato: This is one of the great laxative foods for pregnant women. In addition, sweet potatoes also contain a lot of nutrients that are good for the health of mothers and babies such as vitamin A, zinc, iron, calcium…
  • Nuts: Including chestnuts, almonds, sunflower, walnuts… These nuts are rich in vitamins (group B, vitamin…), minerals (zinc, magnesium, copper…) and fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 9…) Good for the overall development of the fetus.
  • Types of beans: including green beans, black beans, red beans… In general, these nuts contain a lot of antioxidants, protein, folic acid, calcium… good for pregnant women.

When should pregnant women eat cereals?

You can eat cereals in all months of pregnancy. You can eat cereal interwoven with main meals to better digest for the digestive system:

  • Breakfast: Cereal is a very healthy and nutritious breakfast for pregnant women as well as other family members. Eating cereal for pregnant women in the morning will help your body absorb nutrients quickly and transfer them to the fetus.
  • Eat a side meal: You can eat cereal at extra meals, such as after 60 minutes after breakfast, eat in the afternoon or snack before going to bed about 60 minutes.

In addition, in your free time, if you feel craving for snacks, pregnant women can eat cereal to replace regular snacks. This can both help you escape the appetite that is both healthy.

Although cereal is good for health, you should also add other foods to your diet such as green vegetables, red meat, eggs, fishes… to provide adequate nutrition for your body.

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