Things To Know When You Eat Avocado In The Evening

With a high nutritional content, avocado is rated as the most nutritious fruit by Guiness. In 100g of ripe avocados, up to 60g of water, 2.08g of protid, 20.10g of lipid, 7.4g of glucose, 1.26g of ash, and some other minerals such as Ca, P, Fe, Vitamin A, B1, C… Avocado has the effect of reducing cholesterol and fat in the blood, protecting the cardiovascular system, blood vessels, liver and stomach.(1)

However, when you eat avocado at night, you need to pay attention to the following things.

eating avocado in the evening

Does eating avocado in the evening cause weight gain?

Yes, avocado has a lot of calories, in 3.5 ounces of avocado contains 160 calories. This amount of calories is much higher than other foods. If you eat a lot of avocado, it is easy to cause weight gain, especially at night.

If you eat avocado at night, you should practice lightly before going to bed.

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When should we eat avocado?

You should eat avocado in the daytime, eat before meals 1-2 hours. If you want to gain weight, eat avocado after a meal 1-2 hours. You should only eat an avocado every day.(2)

Notes when eating avocado

Should you eat the dark green meat of avocado?

For the most parts, many people eat avocado or leave the dark green flesh underneath the crust because it tastes bitter and hard to eat. However, nutrition experts say, this is the richest nutritional value in avocado. Therefore, when eating butter, you need to shave off this green meat to eat.

Limit eating avocado when breastfeeding

Avocado is a very good fruit for pregnant women. Because the amount of vitamin B6 in avocado reduces nausea, boosts the production of red blood cells, and also helps to boost the immune system for both mother and child. (3)

However, mammary glands and milk intake will be affected if women eat too much avocado. Specifically, the ability to produce milk will be reduced and milk quality is not good. Sometimes, babies who are fed will have stomach pain or even diarrhea.


People with liver disease should limit eating avocado

The rich amount of collagen in avocado has excellent skin regeneration and aging prevention. But if you eat too much, they will build up in your liver because you can’t digest and harm your liver. Some types of oil in avocado are also not good for your liver.

Therefore, people who are suffering from liver problems should not eat too much avocado. Side effects of eating avocado will adversely affect liver function.

Tips for preserving avocado

When you don’t eat an avocado completely, you should apply it to the surface of the avocado meat with a thin layer of cooking oil. As a result, the avocado will be fresh longer and will not darken.

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