Drinking Water While Standing: 5 Effects To Your Health

Drinking water while standing not only causes gastroesophageal reflux disease but also some diseases below.

We have heard from much experience of parents and grandparents that we should not have a drink while standing. It is because drinking water while standing will touch the lower part of the esophagus, damaging our sphincter – an organ that links the esophagus to the stomach. At the time the sphincter is relaxed, it causes a gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In addition, having a drink while standing also causes the following diseases.

drink water while standing bad for health

Drinking while standing side effects


When a person sits down and gets some water, his muscles and nervous system are more comfortable when he is standing. This makes our nervous system quickly deliver the message to the body to digest water with other foods that we have eaten before

Kidney damage

When we have a drink while standing , water will not properly filtered by kidneys.The waste products then enter in our bladder and are mixed with blood, causing kidney damage, even kidney failure and death.


One of diseases making your health the most harmful when getting some water is arthritis. When we have a drink while standing, we tend to disrupt the balance of other fluids in our body, causing the lack of necessary fluids in the joints. This leads to excessive accumulation of fluid in the joints, causing arthritis. Effects can be seen immediately, or generally after a long time.

drinking water while standing

Abnormal nervous system

Having a drink while sitting down, the active sympathetic system allows our senses to calm down and it is easy for the digestive system to operate. But, getting some water while standing will put our body in the mode of combat or flying and make nervous system in the body stressful.

The acid in the body cannot be diluted

We all know that water is  acid-free and not alkaline in nature. However, water helps the acid in the body to be diluted. Having a drink while sitting down will help dilute the acid in the body, because the degree of acidity is combined with the amount of water accurately. But, having a drink while standing does not dilute this acid.

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