5 Health Risks Of Drinking Too Much Bubble Tea

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Bubble tea is a popular drink today, drinking too much bubble tea will have many dangerous health effects, you may not know.

drinking too much bubble tea

Many people have a habit of drinking too much bubble tea.

The materials of bubble tea

First of all, let’s find out the ingredients in 1 cup of bubble tea.

  • Tea: This is the most basic ingredient in a glass of bubble tea. They are usually black tea, green tea, oolong tea or white tea.
  • Milk: One of the indispensable ingredients is milk. However, some types of bubble tea are made from fat cream which is extremely harmful to health.
  • Sugar: If you drink a cup of normal bubble tea, you have absorbed up to 200kcal from 50g sugar, not counting energy from topping.
  • Topping: This is why bubble tea attracts young people. Adding topping types like pearls, cheese, jelly, nuts… will make this drink more attractive.

Thanks to the attractive taste, bubble tea is very popular and many people have a habit of drinking too much bubble tea. It is completely harmful to your health.

Harmful effects of drinking too much bubble milk tea


1. Obesity

Bubble tea is one of the causes of obesity due to extremely large amounts of sugar and calories. The composition of bubble tea is fat cream mixed with tea powder and additives, forcing the body to absorb a lot of saturated fat, leading to rapid weight gain.

Besides, bubble tea with “topping” such as pearl, jelly… is not good for your health. Specifically, pearl is mainly flour, flavored and concentrated sugar. In particular, concentrated sugar is an extremely toxic food additive with ingredients such as lead, mercury or arsenic.

2. Nutritional deficiency

The fat body does not mean that it is due to receiving many nutrients. Milk in bubble tea has less calcium, vitamins (A, B and D) as well as protein than the regular milk. Therefore, this drink will cause nutritional deficiency. Children in the age of student need to pay special attention to the harmful effects of bubble tea on the development process.

Not only that, nutrition experts also recommend that mixing homemade bubble tea is as anti-scientific. The reason is that combining tea with milk will lose their good effects on health. Tea no longer helps to fight cardiovascular disease due to the casein proteins of milk, whereas, tea also causes calcium in milk to be eliminated quickly, the body cannot absorb it.

3. Leads to the risk of infertility

One of the harmful effects of drinking too much bubble tea is to increase the risk of infertility. The cause comes from the composition of hydrogenated vegetable oil in bubble tea. This trans fatty acid adversely affects the fertility of drinkers.

Specifically, for men, the quality of sperm will be reduced because this component negatively affects male hormones. Women also face the destruction of bubble tea, leading to the risk of infertility or cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

bubble tea can cause infertility

Drinking too much bubble milk tea can leads to the risk of infertility.

4. Adverse effects on liver and kidney

Many bubble tea shops because of greed for profits, use color powder instead of natural tea powder. The taste is similar, it is hard for you to recognize, but the actual ingredient is a synthetic chemical.

If you drink too much or the amount of additives is added beyond the safe threshold, your health will be greatly affected. Specifically, when they are accumulated in the long-term, they will be the burden of the liver and kidneys, impairing the function of these parts.

5. Poisoning

Besides the harmful effects of bubble tea above, the habit of drinking too much also causes some other incalculable consequences. If accidentally drinking bubble tea processed with unsanitary milk with poor quality materials, there is a risk of poisoning. So, limit drinking bubble tea of ​​unknown origin!

Experts’ advices

Try to curb the craving for bubble tea, the body will be very grateful to you if you can do it. Bubble tea , while providing energy, but not providing nutrients, even if improperly consumed, it also causes adverse health effects. So apply these methods to minimize the harms from bubble tea.

  • If it is indispensable for you to have a cup of bubble tea everyday, learn to give up that habit gradually.
  • Ask the store to reduce sugar for your bubble tea cup
  • Should buy small size instead of large size
  • Only drink bubble tea up to 2 times / week
  • Choose reputable bubble tea brands with clear brand name, censored origin.
  • It is recommended to actively exercise regularly every day to help control weight, prevent overweight and obesity.

To make healthy bubble tea, you can watch this video.

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