Drinking Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy [Dr Advice]

Dr. Abbey said that in the first 3 months of pregnancy, a glass of sugarcane juice with a crushed ginger branch will quickly resolve the morning sickness.

sugarcane juice pregnancy


I am pregnant for the first time and for 2 months. From the first month, my body is always tired of pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. By chance, I learned that pregnant women drinking sugarcane juice will be healthy and comfortable. In particular, nausea will be reduced better, so I added sugarcane juice to a pregnancy diet. Even so, I was very bewildered and feared the effects of sugar in sugarcane juice on my health and fetus.

Doctor, should I take sugarcane juice during pregnancy? How much sugarcane juice pregnant women should drink per day? What should be noted when adding this drink to a pregnant woman’s menu? I would like to thank you.


The answer:

Sugarcane juice is a natural juice containing many nutrients that are good for human health, especially pregnant women.

Drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy not only helps mothers have enough energy to take care of the fetus but also helps to improve morning sickness, beautify skin and prevent minor illnesses. However, many people fear that sugar content in sugarcane juice will adversely affect the health of mothers and babies.

I will help pregnant women better understand the effects of sugarcane juice on pregnant women; benefits and notes when drinking sugarcane juice.

Benefits of sugarcane juice for pregnant women

The nutritional composition of sugarcane juice is mainly sugar. In 100ml sugarcane juice has about 12g sugar. In addition, sugarcane also contains many vitamins A, B, C… and other important minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium… With the above nutritional value, sugarcane juice is essential for pregnant mother’s health and fetal development.

Make your skin ruddy

Alpha hydroxyl acid in sugarcane juice greatly supports skin improvement. Therefore, acne and skin darkening problems in pregnant mothers are significantly prevented.

Limit morning sickness

“In the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women often show nausea, fatigue… At this time, women need to add sugarcane juice to help the body stay healthy and mentally comfortable and limit nausea. Therefore, in addition to the main meal, pregnant mother can drink more sugarcane juice to increase energy, especially when being tired, or it is hot and you do not eat much” Dr Tuong Vi said.

drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy

Improve resistance and prevent minor diseases

The content of antioxidants in sugarcane juice helps the body improve resistance and prevent minor diseases. Besides, antioxidants also help to prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer very effectively.

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Anti-constipation and good digestion

To improve constipation in pregnancy, pregnant mothers can use sugarcane juice. Because, in sugarcane juice contains a certain amount of potassium works against constipation and it is good for digestion.

How much sugarcane juice pregnant women should drink per day?

Every day, pregnant women should not drink more than 1 cup of sugarcane juice. Besides, women need to add vitamins and minerals from green vegetables, fresh fruits.

“For pregnant women, the diet needs to be varied in food, energy and nutrients to meet the development of the fetus. Especially, moms are always healthy to prepare for the welcome your babies. Therefore, pregnant mothers can use sugarcane juice as a supplement.” The doctor emphasized.

Notes when drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy

Although sugarcane juice has many benefits for pregnant mother’s health and fetal development. But, pregnant women need to take some notes when using sugarcane juice.

“In the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women who are nauseous, vomiting should not drink sugarcane juice for a long puff. The pregnant mothers can be divided into 2 times to use the sugarcane juice. Chewing sugarcane can also reduce the feeling of nausea and vomiting for women.” Dr. Tuong Vi recommends.

When you feel the symptoms of nausea and vomiting occur continuously, pregnant women can put a little fresh ginger into sugarcane juice to limit nausea.

Do not drink sugarcane juice in the evening and early morning. Because sugarcane juice can cool the abdomen, the pregnant woman feels uncomfortable. If you feel a lot of nausea, you can put some fresh ginger in sugarcane juice that can limit nausea.

Pregnant women who gain weight quickly and have gestational diabetes should not use sugarcane juice.

In addition, when summer comes, the risk of food poisoning is very high. Therefore, mothers need to make sure the cup of sugarcane juice must be hygienic, clean…

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